SpreadJS 12

Add custom and built-in shapes to your JavaScript spreadsheet and data presentation apps.
November 08, 2018 - 9:23
New Version


  • Add Custom and Built-in Shapes to your JavaScript apps - Draw shapes, create interactions, and change them with data. Like Excel, SpreadJS 12 implements dozens of built-in shapes to add more detail and visual appeal to your workbooks, as well as the ability to seamlessly import and export Excel workbooks that contain shapes. These 60+ shapes include basic rectangles, arrows, balloons, and action buttons.
  • Include different formatting in a single cell with rich text formatting - With rich text formatting, users can now add bold, italics, font, and all basic formatting to a single cell.
  • Spread Web Designer includes a rich text editor - In addition to offering more flexibility in visual styles, the rich text editor allows you to more clearly display mathematic, chemistry, and scientific formulas that require superscripts, subscripts, or symbols.
  • Animated charts - SpreadJS column, bar, line, and pie chart now include seamless loading and updating animation. When the data for a chart changes or the chart is first loaded, the chart will animate up to the values for the chart.
  • New Charts: Radar, Sunburst, and Treemap Charts - These new charts (also available in Excel) have full Spread Web Designer support, and you'll be able to seamlessly import and export Excel files that include these charts.
  • Excel-like Precision Selection - Excel's new feature allows users to select a large range, and then deselect specific cells. SpreadJS has added this as a feature.
  • Barcode sparklines - Barcode sparklines are implemented as a rendered formula, and can be used in order forms, for tracking purposes, and as website links (QR Codes).
60+ built-in shapes are now included


Complete JavaScript spreadsheet and data presentation components.

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