Telerik UI for Xamarin R3 2018 (version 2018.3.1122.310)

AutoCompleteView adds DisplayTextFormatter to easily change Text in the Entry or the Tokens on selection.
November 26, 2018 - 10:24
New Version


  • AutoCompleteView
    • Added DisplayTextFormatter which allows you to easily change the Text in the Entry (if the DisplayMode is Plain) or in the Tokens on selection.


  • AutoCompleteView
    • Filtering is not performed when ShowSuggestionView is set to False.
    • [iOS] Both NoResultMessage and Suggestions are shown when there isn't a match.
    • [Android] Popup flickers when filtering is performed.
    • ArgumentNullException is thrown when the Text is null and ShowSuggestions is called.
    • [Android] Suggestions could not be selected on LG devices.
  • Calendar
    • [UWP] Appointments from the next and previous month are not visible in MonthView.
    • [Android] Exception is thrown in DayView when read from screen reader.
  • Common
    • [UWP]: RadCheckBox, RadNumericInput and RadButton could not be rendered while debugging in Windows 1809.
  • DataGrid
    • [UWP] ArgumentException is thrown when filtering icon is clicked.
  • Entry
    • [UWP] TextColor property is not applied.
  • NumericInput
    • When the Minimum is set, trying to add decimal separator after typing the minimum value causes undesired effects.
AutoCompleteView in Telerik UI for Xamarin.

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