ChartDirector V6.3

Adds support for using embedded resources in executables.
December 04, 2018 - 11:37
New Version


  • Adds support for using embedded resources in executables - ChartDirector can use background images, pattern colors, scatter symbols and CDML images. In previous versions of ChartDirector, these images were provided using file system paths. The new version supports "resource paths", allowing images to be loaded from resources. As well as images, ChartDirector 6.3 can also load fonts from resources. As embedded resources are mostly used in desktop GUI applications (as opposed to web or command line scripts), ChartDirector 6.3 is only available for C++ and .NET (C#, VB).
  • Other Updates
    • ChartDirector 6.3 adds support for arrow symbols in CDML images.
    • ChartDirector MFC Chart Viewer - In previous versions, if the mouse was used for zooming, clicking the mouse twice in rapid succession would trigger only one zoom action. This was because the second click was treated as a "double click" but not a "click" (no mouse down event generated). ChartDirector 6.3 now handles the double click and generates two zoom actions, allowing the user to zoom faster. This is consistent with other GUI frameworks in which two clicks always generate two zoom actions.


Create charts in PNG, JPEG, BMP, WBMP, PDF and GIF, viewable by virtually all browsers, including mobile and hand-held devices.

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