PowerShell Studio 2019 (5.6.156)

Adds support for SQL Server Compact databases, plus improves speeds for larger documents.
December 04, 2018 - 10:16
New Version


  • Added: SAPIEN tools to the Tools tab of the ribbon.
  • Added: Script Security Center to handle execution policy (Replaces the previous execution policy manager).
  • Added: "Search PSGallery for Module..." command to editor context menu to search the gallery for the unknown cmdlet's module in module manager.
  • Added: Watch Panel will now color value changes in red.
  • Added: "User" tag to user generated templates and "Preset" to preinstalled templates.
  • Added: Combobox to the templates dialog that filters User templates and Preset templates.
  • Added: After auto-insert {}, the editor will insert a new line before the closing }, if you hit enter.
  • Added: Coloring style for curly braces and parentheses.
  • Added: Support for Microsoft SQL Server Compact databases.
  • Updated: Improved speeds for larger documents.
  • Updated: Changed the default action for Replace Event dialog to Append.
  • Updated: When a language's style changes the application will no longer reset the editor theme settings, but instead merge the missing style elements.
  • Updated: Major year change builds will now look for settings from the previous three years.
  • Updated: Removed signing and verification from the tools tab (already in the Home tab).
  • Updated: Changed "Go to Declaration" keyboard shortcut to F12.
  • Updated: User applications folder change from "PowerShell Studio " to just "PowerShell Studio".
  • Updated: Subscription maintain warnings will remain closed after the application is reopened for the remainder of the status.
  • Updated: Cache folder now has a version number instead of a year.


  • Fixed: Parser failed to parse class definitions that derived from a class with brackets [].
  • Fixed: Resolve Dot source files failed to work when packaging psf files.
  • Fixed: Nesting script blocking in parameter attributes incorrectly inserted lines after type casting.
  • Fixed: The menu buttons were disabled if you loaded a single file while the start page disabled and deferred loading was enabled.
  • Fixed: Templates for unknown file types were not loading.
  • Fixed: Some incorrect ribbon shortcuts.
  • Fixed: Signing a file would clear the undo history.
  • Fixed: Exception thrown by a Module Project when syncing another psd1 file at the project root.
  • Fixed: Other minor changes and fixes.
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