LEADTOOLS Medical Multimedia Module V20 (December 2018 Update)

Extends encoder support for h.264, plus speeds up streaming video data to clients.
December 07, 2018 - 16:28
New Version


  • Added support for h.265 and h.264 hardware encoders to MP4 and MKV outputs. *
  • Added support for MP3 audio to MP4 and MKV outputs. *
  • Added support for MPEG-2 audio encoder to MKV output. *
  • Improved capture device support.
  • Added the ability to use Microsoft RTSP media source using windows media extensions, with implementation of network source authentication interfaces. *

* Please note that these new features require the LEADTOOLS MPEG-2 Transport Module and/or LEADTOOLS Streaming Module.

LEADTOOLS Medical Multimedia Module

LEADTOOLS Medical Multimedia Module

DirectShow filters and Media Foundation Transforms for compressing and decompressing video and audio data within DICOM files.

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