Telerik Report Server R3 2018 SP2

Maintenance release includes fixes for Designer, Processing, REST WebAPI and Preview.
December 14, 2018 - 14:18
New Version


  • Designer
    • An error occurs when adding new HtmlTextBox into a Table item.
    • Barcode item shows an error when a conditional formatting rule is applied.
    • Conditional Formatting rule setting "Stop If True" gets ignored by the dedicated editor dialog.
    • Graph wizard adds label connectors.
    • Table item adds parent group in a wrong group hierarchy level.
    • Aliases in Query Designer are generated with quotes, which breaks the Oracle query with 'ORA-00923: FROM keyword not found where expected'.
    • Filters in Query Designer are not generating the correct SQL for Oracle. Preceding (:) is missing.
  • Processing
    • An error is thrown when processing Table item with merged cells.
    • DataSource's calculated columns are evaluated incorrectly.
    • Graph's numerical scale does not produce a label for each major grid line.
    • Authentication token is missing from the request header for searching in report contents.
  • Preview
    • Missing icons in document map area.
    • Nullable MultiValue Parameter with Value NULL generates array with one element.
    • The Preview button does not change the reportSource preserved in the browser session when using persistSession=true.
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