Syncfusion Essential Studio for UWP 2018 Volume 4

Convert Excel documents to PDF.
December 18, 2018 - 15:38
New Version



  • Auto-generating custom type property - Autogenerate the custom type property as a single column without auto-generating all inner properties as separate columns.


  • Print scaling - You can now reduce or enlarge your diagram when you print it.
  • Custom cursor - Default cursors used in a diagram can be changed.

Essential DocIO

  • Update field enhancements - Essential DocIO now allows updating the AutoNum and Set fields in a Word document.
  • Restart numbering in lists - Essential DocIO now allows numbering in lists to be restarted in the Word documents while performing mail merge and merging multiple Word documents.

Essential PDF

  • OpenType font - Add text to a PDF document using OpenType font.
  • PDF/A-1b conformance - Create a PDF/A-1b conforming document.

Essential Presentation

  • Connector - Add, edit, and remove connectors in PowerPoint files.


  • Add text to the center of a doughnut chart - Text or any view can be added at the center of a doughnut chart to show any information about the data presented.
  • Stacked doughnut chart - This feature allows users to render their data with multiple circles in doughnut charts instead of separate arc segments in a single circle.
  • Straight line support in data marker connector - This feature allows users to change the connector of a data marker to a horizontal line in circular charts. Currently, the connector line of a data marker is rendered based on the angle of the respective segment.
  • Group small data points into “Others” category in pie and doughnut series - The pie and doughnut charts with too many small slices are cluttered. To overcome this, this feature provides an option to merge the small slices into a single slice based on a threshold value.
  • Plot range column chart type with single Y value - A typical range column chart requires two values, namely high and low, but this feature allows users to plot the range column chart with a single y-value. This is possible when the y-value is considered the delta value for a range column chart and the segments are arranged at the center of the chart area.


  • Tooltip support for maps - Tooltip support has been provided to the shapes, markers, and bubbles of a map’s shape layer and the markers of a map’s tile layer. The tooltips feature animation and template support for customization. Tooltips are used to show information about the shapes, markers, and bubbles when the end user taps the map elements.

Numeric TextBox

  • Range support - Restrict the Values within a specific range by setting the Maximum and Minimum property values.


  • UI container - The RichTextBox control supports a UI container to embed (host) UI elements within a document. UI container support in RichTextBox.

Essential XlsIO

  • Excel to PDF - Excel documents can be converted to PDF. This converts Excel files with data, styles, rich-text, Unicode characters, conditional formats, pivot tables, tables, shapes, images, text boxes, page setup options, page breaks, print area, headers, and footers.
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