Syncfusion Essential Studio Windows Forms 2018 Volume 4

Adds Visual Studio-like document interface to Docking Manager.
December 18, 2018 - 16:03
New Version



  • High DPI support - High-DPI support has been provided for the following Windows Forms controls to preserve the app quality on high-DPI devices:
    • SpreadSheet
    • DomainUpDownExt
    • NumericUpDownExt
    • Calculator
    • Rating
    • RadialGauge
    • LinearGauge


  • Paging - The new Data Pager control is being introduced to manipulate data. Users can navigate to a part of the data from an underlying data source with on-demand data loading support.
  • Performance improvement - Improved summary calculation for group summaries and caption summaries by calculating summaries for columns on demand. DataGrid will load and scroll much faster when a summary is added for more than 300 columns.
  • Autofit group drop area item - Autofit the grouped items in the group drop area based on their text. This allows end users to view all the grouped items’ text.
  • Does Not Contain option in filtering - DataGrid supports a Does Not Contain option for both UI and programmatic filtering. Now, users can filter records that do not contain a given value. Windows Forms DataGrid Does Not Contain feature.
  • Improvements
    • Customize the Excel-like selection of marker colors in the row header.
    • Customize the outermost border color of a grid.


  • Custom filtering for suggestions - Display a custom suggestion list in the drop-down on typing text in the editor portion. Thus, end users can show a custom suggestion list such as one with Fuzzy logic to tolerate typo errors.


  • Outermost border customization - Customize the outermost border color of ListView control.


  • Rotate axis title - Rotate the chart axis title to the desired angle to improve readability.
  • Save chart without toolbar - Copy and save a chart as an image with or without a toolbar.
  • Options for saving chart as a template - Include or exclude series data points and series styles when saving the chart as a template.

Essential DocIO

  • Update field enhancements - Essential DocIO now allows updating the AutoNum and Set fields in a Word document.
  • Restart numbering in lists - Essential DocIO now allows numbering in lists to be restarted in the Word documents while performing mail merge and merging multiple Word documents.
  • Hyphenation in Word-to-PDF and Word-to-image conversions - Essential DocIO now allows hyphenating text in a Word document while converting it to PDF or image format.
  • Track changes in Word-to-PDF conversion - Essential DocIO now allows showing revision marks in a generated PDF when converting Word documents with tracked changes or revisions.
  • Word-to-PDF enhancements - Essential DocIO now provides the following features in Word-to-PDF conversion:
    • Preservation of complex script text.

Docking Manager

  • Tabbed documents - A Visual Studio-like document interface has been added to the Docking Manager. It allows users to drag and drop tools windows to a document state. Document windows can be grouped to split the workspace and allow users to work with two or more open documents.

Essential PDF

  • OpenType font - Add text to a PDF document using OpenType font.
  • Get certificate details from PDF - Get certificate details from an existing signed PDF document.

Essential Presentation

  • Connector - Add, edit, and remove connectors in PowerPoint files.


  • Auto Layout - Controls in Ribbon can be arranged without additional settings like margin, padding, or any customization, similar to Office UI. Designer process has been made easy for configuring the control.

Syntax Editor

  • Zoom capability - Zoom-in and zoom-out capabilities help improve the readability of text in the Syntax Editor control. They allow users to zoom the text in the control through mouse-wheel and touch interaction.
Visual Studio-like document interface

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