Infragistics Ignite UI for JavaScript 18.2 Build 18.2.20182.82

Improves the Grid, Spreadsheet and TextEditor controls.
January 08, 2019 - 12:46
New Version


Excel Engine

  • [Excel Angular]  Error: Invalid arguments in core.js on loading charts.


  • igCombo input is cleared on filtering
  • Changing combo data source using knockout observable is not working.


  • igDateEditor: Value is not correct when it is entered from a keypad on an Android device.
  • igDateEditor continues to spin down.


  • igDatePicker calendar falls back to default regional settings when 'en-US' is passed.


  • When page is zoomed and there is initially fixed columns in a virtual grid there is a slight misalignment between headers and content cells.
  • Text in the right most column is hidden by the vertical scrollbar if Bootstrap is used.
  • Sorting is not reset even if the sort column is excluded.
  • Some rows are not displayed at the bottom when Virtualization and GroupBy features are enabled.
  • ui-ig-record style doesn't apply to the fixed columns.
  • When igGrid is initialized in igSplitter the icons of the features chooser are missing.
  • Initial filtering condition can not be set when filtering mode is advanced.
  • Advanced filtering for date type columns doesn't show datepicker.
  • JavaScript error "Uncaught TypeError: this._editorProviders[i].getEditor is not a function" when a column has Filtering disabled.
  • JavaScript error: Uncaught Error: Updating did not have enough information to properly determine the type of editor to use for column: <column_name>.
  • rowsRendered event is not fired when a column gets grouped by.
  • Paging footer text disappears when a column is sorted.


  • One "Reset" button is rendered in Column Chooser dialog (for child level) every time a user hides/shows a column using this dialog.


  • igNumericEditor: minValue setting takes precedence over allowNullValue=true.


  • The second panel of the igSplitter disappears when moving the splitter and then resizing the browser.


  • igSpreadsheet editing events' arguments doesn't provide information about the cell value.


  • Warning message(Closing tags are incorrectly matched - IE only) is displayed when an editor is instantiated using EditorFor().


  • Auto-fill does not update igTextEditor.


  • There are additional icons into the drag helper if into the nodeContentTemplate there are spans.


  • igVideoPlayer throws an error when you initialize it on a video element.

MVC Wrappers (Chart)

  • Options are not implemented in Razor.


  • Infragistics 2012 theme icons have poor visibility.
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