Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX R1 2019

New MultiColumnComboBox control, plus new features for RadChat, Calendar, Charts and more.
January 21, 2019 - 7:15
New Version


  • Common
    • MultiColumnComboBox control
    • Security Improvements
    • Backport jQuery XSS Vulnerability fix to the Telerik jQuery
    • Device Detection Framework is updated with new data
  • Calendar
    • RadMonthYearPicker was added to the SkinManager's ControlTypeToApplyskin collection
  • Chat
    • Тoolbar
  • ComboBox
    • New get_textWithoutEmptyMessage method to return the text of the EmptyMessage
  • Editor
    • Improved stripping of DOM attributes when switching from HTML to Design mode in IE
    • The StripDomEventAttributes filter captures more DOM attributes
  • HtmlChart
    • PlotBands can take DateTime objects for start and end
    • Bar-type series can be overlapped by setting negative values to the Gap and Spacing properties
  • PdfProcessing
    • Add support for CropBox element in PDF page
    • Port RadPdfProcessing to .NET Standard
    • Implemented CCITTFaxDecode
  • SpreadProcessing
    • Introduced support for charts letting you add, remove and manipulate chart objects in your spreadsheet documents
  • SpreadStreamProcessing
    • The stream containing the data is now flushed when closing it when exporting to CSV


  • AsyncUpload
    • AsyncUpload progress shows more than 100% when uploading a file
  • Calendar
    • DayCellToolTipFormat does not apply when the user changes the month
    • Top and Bottom right corners of the clock icon are missing
  • CloudUpload
    • Unable to upload files whose name contains non-ASCII characters
  • ComboBox
    • Fix RadCombobox with EnableAriaSupport=true reading as readonly with JAWS
    • RadComboBox dropdown stays open if you click on RadSearchBox
  • Editor
    • Paste with Ctrl-V into RadEditor pastes content twice in IE when EnableComments and EnableTrackChanges are enabled
    • Error is thrown when deleting in an empty element/editor
    • Ajax Spell Checker not focusing on misspelled word if it is positioned below the visible content area in Chrome, IE and Edge
    • Clicking on an image map in RadEditor causes JS errors as of R2 2018
    • Track Changes and Comments do not work when ToolProviderID is set
    • Clear Class option in Image Properties dialog does not work
    • The editor commands do not work when the editor is initially hidden in Firefox 62+
    • Context menus mispositioned after page scroll when ContentAreaMode=Div in IE7-9
  • FormDecorator
    • Inability to delete content on IE11 if the mouse leaves textbox boundaries
  • Gantt
    • When OnTaskUpdate event is set, putting apostrophe in a task title causes an error
  • Grid
    • Grid RenderMode falls back to Classic when Grid's markup has a HeaderContextMenu tag and no explicitly set RenderMode
    • Grid's Print functionality does not work in Chrome with Mobile render mode.
    • ClientDeleteColumn throws JS error on Chrome and Edge.
    • Error when filtering a Grid with CalculatedColumn is bound to EntityDataSource
    • Hidden columns are shown on resize when the static headers and frozen column are used
    • Batch editing not updating correctly from dropdown when items have trailing whitespace
    • When exporting RadGrid with multi-column header to Excel binary formats and hide some column the header groups are not correct
    • HeaderContext menu closes when you click outside the text or controls but in the boundary of the menu
    • TextBox values are not cleared when NoFilter is applied in RadGrid Excel-Like filtering
    • DatePicker and DateTimePicker values not cleared in RadGrid HeaderContextMenu when filter is cleared
    • Values of DateTimeColumn are persisted on all columns of the same type for the Excel-Like Filtering
  • HtmlChart
    • Chart with Layout=Stock and shared tooltip template throws Cannot read property 'touch' of undefined error when hovering columns
  • ImageEditor
    • JS error is thrown when ShowAjaxLoadingPanel=true in Lightweight RenderMode
  • ImageGallery
    • SlideshowSlideDuration property ignored when set to 7000
  • Input
    • The SelectAllText property of Input controls does not work on focus in FireFox and Edge
  • Map
    • Marker tooltips throw an error when they have to flip next to the edge of the map viewport
  • Menu
    • Vertical menu throws 'Telerik is undefined' when LoadScriptsBeforeUI=false on the script manager
    • Wrong placement (position) after horizontal scrolling in Edge
  • PivotGrid
    • Тhe pivot grid is not recognizing that there are 21 items and is only showing 20
  • PdfProcessing
    • Documents are exported with wrong creation and modification dates
    • Stencil color is not preserved when importing and exporting images
  • ProgressBar
    • Duplicate component registration after AJAX request with asp:ScriptManager
  • Scheduler
    • Incorrect parse of Recurrence rule when INTERVAL property is missing
    • Misalignment of hours and content columns when RowHeaderWidth property is set
    • Misalignment between Content and Hours
  • SpreadProcessing
    • Documents with a global filter cannot be imported
    • ArgumentException is thrown when protecting a worksheet having missing algorithmName information
    • Filter command should be disabled when a single row or cell is selected
  • SpreadStreamProcessing
    • SpreadStreamProcessing: ArgumentException is thrown when exporting characters not supported in XML
  • TreeList
    • First header cell of TreeList has wrong left padding
    • After dragging the popup edit form under a zoomed IE, the following exception is thrown: The numeric part ('nnn.nn') of 'nnn.nnpx' cannot be parsed as a numeric part of a Pixel unit
  • TreeView
    • The NodeClick event is triggered when scrolling the Treeview in Android
  • WordsProcessing
    • Document variable fields are case-sensitive
MultiColumnComboBox and Chat controls.

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