RayVentory v11.1

Major update to user interface adds new wizards and dashboards for device inventory or discovery.
January 23, 2019 - 17:08
New Version


  • Major overhaul of the User Interface.
    • New wizards for Inventory and Discovery.
    • New view for connections (named Devices + Services in this release) with a visual overview of the asset.
    • New dashboard with quick facts about the assets.
    • New inventory viewer for inventoried devices.
    • Redesigned and reorganized Settings screen, grouping of similar functionalities.
    • Centralized place where notifications and quick actions are shown.
  • Configurable Detection of Device Types Discovered from Active Directory.
  • Support for Agentless Remote Execution Inventory and other Methods.
  • Lightweight HTTP Server for File Uploads and Remote Execution.
  • Inventory Viewer and Improved Recent Items View.
  • Discovery and Inventory of SMNP.
  • PowerShell Automation Library.
  • Inventory Data Contains Service Tags for Managed Objects from VMware ESX / ESXi Inventory.
  • Importing Filtered List of Devices from Active Directory.
Overhauled UI for RayVentory 11.1.


Smarter software and hardware inventory.

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