DevExtreme 18.2.5

Improves the Data Grid, HTML Editor and Tree List controls.
January 25, 2019 - 10:21
New Version


DevExtreme Tree List

  • A request is sent to the server if the collapse/expand button is clicked for a filtered TreeList
  • The refreshMode option does not stop data reloading when the parent node is collapsed/expanded after deleting a child node

DevExtreme Core

  • DevExtreme CLI ThemeBuilder does not use custom variables if the makeSwatch flag is disabled
  • ODataStore doesn't parse second fraction properly

DevExtreme Demos

  • DataGrid - Virtual Scrollbar won't stop scrolling when the mouse button is held down and the cursor is moved outside a browser window in IE

DevExtreme Html Editor

  • The value option cannot be changed if it was previously set and was not edited by a user
  • Toolbar buttons are not disabled if HtmlEditor is read-only

DevExtreme Scheduler

  • A script error occurs in a certain scenario after adding a recurring item and switching to the Week view
  • Editing a single appointment with recurrence rules raises an error
  • The "Cannot read property '$$phase' of null" error is thrown when DataGrid resides in the tab template of the appointment form

DevExtreme UI Widgets

  • NumberBox ignores reserved characters during formatting
  • Android Theme - Animation is executed twice in dxSelectBox with fieldTemplate on an attempt to select a new item  
  • ButtonGroup - An item remains focused after it is unselected
  • Calendar - Inconsistent behavior of the editor with the defined disabledDates callback and an undefined value
  • DataGrid - Lookup column displays a wrong value in batch editing mode when a custom filter is used
  • DateBox - Custom validation is not raised if a value is selected from the calendar
  • DateBox - Value modification is slow on using devextreme-intl library and when the useMaskBehavior option is enabled
  • DateBox changes its value using the mouse wheel
  • dxDateBox does not allow typing values with leading zeroes
  • dxList - The widget bound to CustomStore infinitely reloads data and fires the onSelectionChanged event when an item located not on the first page is selected on page load
  • dxSelectBox does not complete selection when a custom item has been created
  • dxTagBox does not work with grouped OData store when the showSelectionControls option is enabled
  • dxToolbar - A toolbar item disappears from the toolbar when another toolbar item with dxDropDownBox uses the showTitle option
  • dxTooltip - Popup element is not closed when moving the mouse pointer very quickly in IE
  • Filter Builder - View is scrolled if the context menu is too high
  • Filter Builder's valueChanged event is not raised after a condition/group is added
  • Material theme - Toolbar button size is incorrect when the button is placed in dxPopup
  • Popover - console error when set option as objects with coordinate values
  • RadioGroup - The contentReady event is not raised when a data source is changed  
  • ResponsiveBox does not render items in the embedded dxForm in a small screen
  • ScrollView with RTL direction - The handle position isn't relative to the right side after the container width is changed
  • SelectBox - The previousValue parameter is not correct after changing a value for the first time
  • TabPanel - "No data to display" is always visible if new tabs are added and repaintChangesOnly is "true"
  • TagBox - Items, added programmatically when the drop-down element is opened, are not selected
  • TagBox - Selection logic does not work correctly when the GUID key type is used in ODataStore
  • TagBox creates duplicated tags when the acceptCustomValue option is set to true
  • The Dropdown button looks different in dxSelectBox and dxLookup in the material theme
  • TileView does not update a layout once the item field is changed

DevExtreme Data Grid

  • A custom command button click scrolls the iframe element where the grid is contained
  • A fixed column is displayed incorrectly if masterDetail is enabled
  • Adaptive detail rows are not expanded after scrolling to the next page if scrolling and rowRenderingMode are 'virtual'
  • An error occurs after data is grouped by a column of the datetime data type if the filter row is visible
  • An expanded area is highlighted when group nodes are expanded
  • Error "Cannot set property '_array' of undefined" if the datasource is changed and state storing is used
  • Fixed columns and always visible scrollbar cause rows to not align properly when scrolling to the bottom of the grid
  • Focus is not restored correctly if setCellValue is used in certain cases when the editing form is used
  • Focused row is always highlighted when the scroll mode is infinite
  • Group by truncates text when an underlying column value is integer but display value is text
  • Keyboard navigation for focused row elements operates incorrectly
  • Page size is not restored via the state storing feature if scrolling mode is virtual
  • The "Maximum call stack size exceeded" error occurs after sorting for multi-row headers
  • The expand button is not shown if showCheckBoxesMode and columnFixing are enabled
  • The expand/collapse button is highlighted when nodes are expanded and collapsed
  • The fixed column does not completely hide other column values
  • The navigateToRow method doesn't work with virtual scrolling
  • DataGrid does not correctly generate Column components in code at runtime if data is changed in React
  • Header Filter's alignment changes after resetting the headerFilter.visible option
  • Setting focusedRowIndex to -1 does not remove the focused row
  • The DataGrid shows empty rows after scrolling if the rowRenderingMode option is set to virtual and the rows have a big height

DevExtreme Data Visualization

  • Chart - The 'Cannot read property 'scheduleHiding' of null` exception is thrown after routing in React


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