GrapeCity Documents for PDF v2 Service Pack 1

New SoftMask feature lets you draw transparent elements on PDFs.
February 01, 2019 - 15:32
New Version


  • SoftMask to draw transparent elements on PDFs - GcPdfGraphics introduces SoftMask feature, which allows you to create a mask with a FormXObject; draw on that object's Graphics using any supported drawing methods (including semi-transparent drawing); and then use the result as a mask when drawing on the document's pages. This feature can help you specify images that have transparent content on a PDF document:
  • Text outlining and filling - Sometimes you may not need to display text in forecolor, but instead display the outline of the text. You may display the outline of the text and not fill it in, or outline text in different color and fill it in with a background color. With GcPdf Service Pack 1, you can apply font outlining with:
    • Single outline color
    • Double outline
    • Gradient color
    • Shadows
  • Include horizontal text fragments in vertical text - You can now render horizontal characters vertically without rotation, a use case that would mostly be for rendering Chinese, Japanese, or Korean vertical text. Features supported are:
    • TextFormat allows you to specify the character orientation in vertical text blocks using SidewaysInVerticalText and UprightInVerticalText properties
    • Latin (ASCII) letters are automatically rendered horizontally in vertical text.
    • You can now output several horizontal characters together (without line breaks) in vertical text.
  • Add sound annotations to PDF files - Sound annotations can be applied on a form action or describe particular parts of PDF documents.
  • Support specific page-level navigation - Add specific page navigation features to PDF documents, including the the ability to add page labels so that PDF viewers show a page label (e.g. 'Preface iii') instead of the generic 'Page 3.' The feature supports all features in PDF Specification 1.7 Chapter 8.3.
  • Extract a list of fonts used in a PDF document - You can now extract a list of fonts used in a PDF so you can use the PDF on a different system or reuse the fonts for a different PDF file.
  • Support for all PDF/A conformance levels - You can now create, edit, and save PDF/A documents of all conformance levels. The support also includes Associated Files concept, which is needed to support embedded files in PDF/A-3 documents. You can embed files, images, txt, docx files, and more, and associate them with document elements. PDF/A-3a requires all content to be tagged, so you can add elements tagged as per PDF/A rules in the PDF/A documents.
  • Extract data from PDF files from a specific position - If you need to use data from specific parts of the PDF file, you can now extract text from any position on the page. You'll be able to fetch data from PDF documents based on geometry and use this data in any other documents like TXT, DOCX, XLSX.
  • Format text as Subscript or Superscript in PDF - You can now add text like mathematical equations, chemical formulas, trademark, or copyright to your PDFs using GcPdf. Add these simple boolean properties to the TextFormat class, and you can set text to superscript or subscript in just a single line of code.
New SoftMask feature

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