GrapeCity Documents for Word v2 Service Pack 1

Adds support for exporting RTL text, vertical text and East Asian languages to PDF.
February 01, 2019 - 15:52
New Version


  • Support for exporting RTL text, vertical text, and East Asian languages to PDF - GcWord API adds support for RightToLeft, vertical text, and East Asian Languages to render documents in multiple languages in DOCX files and export them to PDF. While creating Word documents, you can control:
    • First and last character settings
    • Line breaking rules
    • Kerning
    • Character spacing
  • Set view options on Word files - This feature supports how a document is displayed when it's opened in an application. It controls the view type and zoom type of the document when it opens, along with other properties.
  • Set compatibility options - Adding CompatibilityOptions to Word files ensures that the documents created in older versions retain their properties when opened in newer versions. The addition of CompatibilityOptions class gives users control over 70+ compatibility features of Word files.
  • Control hyphenation in text - With the GcWord HyphenationOptions class, you can control hyphenation with various options to either automatically hyphenate the document that you create, or set an option to use the hyphenation tool to manually hyphenate your document.
  • Improve speed when creating new document - Now you can generate multiple instances of GcWordDocument in just few seconds because creating a GcWordDocument is 4 times faster than before.
  • Support for theme colors - You can now set theme colors and modify existing themes per your company's brand. You can set color schemes that define the colors for background and text in your documents.
  • Format text as superscript or subscript and export to PDF - You can apply superscript and subscript settings to text in chemical compounds, formulas and mathematical expressions. GcWord now supports exporting superscript/subscript text to PDF.
Export RTL text, vertical text, and East Asian languages to PDF

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