WMI Explorer 2019 (2.2.84)

Adds support for 64 and 32 bit PowerShell consoles and installed PowerShell Core versions.
February 11, 2019 - 9:51
New Product


  • Added: Support for 64 and 32 bit PowerShell consoles.
  • Added: Support for installed PowerShell Core versions.
  • Added: Console font defaults to 'Consolas'.
  • Added: Installer will rebuild cache during installion if older cache version is detected.
  • Added: PowerShell example code now includes variation for local machine code.
  • Added: PowerShell example code now inlcudes link to copy code in addition to running it.


  • Fixed: Search operations can now be canceled at any time with the "Cancel Search" button on the ribbon.
  • Fixed: Minor fixes and enhancements.
WMI Explorer

WMI Explorer

Get a handle on WMI classes and their properties and methods.

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