LEADTOOLS OCR Module V20 (March 2019 release)

Revamps OMR Toolkit and sample applications.
March 13, 2019 - 14:45
New Version


  • Document SDK
    • Revamped OMR Toolkit and Sample Applications
      The Optical Mark Recognition SDK now includes high-level features with a focus on analyzing test sheets and surveys having a large grid of structured and loosely structured bubbles. LEADTOOLS intelligently analyzes the bubbles to automatically determine question groups and multiple-choice answer sets so that users can rapidly define master forms. No longer is the user restricted to a specific form design requiring specialized hardware. Once a master test form is defined, marked form results can be evaluated to provide detailed statistics for an individual or group of forms or compared against an answer key to calculate grades.
    • New MICR, CMC-7, and Check Detection Algorithms
      Developers extracting check data from images have more tools at their disposal with LEAD's new automatic MICR and CMC-7 line detection algorithms. Previously bound to searching predictable areas of an image, LEADTOOLS can now find MICR or CMC-7 lines in any location and orientation. This is the first reliable MICR and CMC-7 detection SDK on the market. Additionally, LEAD has enhanced its CMC-7 technology to decode CMC-7 lines even if the barcode line spacing is incorrect or uneven. These enhancements are especially powerful when searching for embedded check images in large batches of low-quality, distorted images from various sources including mobile devices.


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