B4A (Android) v9.00

Improves compilation performance and auto backup processes.
March 27, 2019 - 11:07
New Version


  • Improved compilation performance (about 2 times faster for first compilation and up to 4 times faster for following compilations).
  • Bookmarks and breakpoints are listed in the modules tree.
  • Auto backup improvements
    • Project is saved before backup, based on the auto save option.
    • Project name added to the backup file.
    • The project folder is configurable (AutoBackupFolder in the ini file).
  • Warning for unused parameters in private, non-event, subs.
  • Additional library folder can be configured with a B4X folder for cross platform libraries.
  • Event declarations appear in the autocomplete list.
  • Copy to clipboard option in the permissions dialog.
  • Missing maven resources can be added to the internal or additional libraries folders.
  • com.google.auto.value-auto-value-annotations added as an internal library. This is a missing maven resource that required by Firebase libraries.
  • B4XCollections, B4XFormatter, B4XTable, XML2Map and XUI Views are internal libraries.
  • Foreground services permission is added automatically. Required when setting targetSdkVersion to 28.
  • CreateResourceFromFile(Macro, Core.NetworkClearText) - Required when setting targetSdkVersion to 28 when communicating with non-SSL servers.
  • Application.Icon works with adaptive icons.
  • Files are listed in the removal dialog.
  • OkHttpUtils2 v2.81 - Includes a call to Service.StopAutomaticForeground.


  • Fix for a long standing issue that caused scope changes of global variables to not always be detected.
  • Workaround for Android issue that caused services to fail to start in some edge cases. This is based on the automatic foreground mode feature.
  • FirebaseAdMob v1.54 - Fixes an issue related to targetSdkVersion 28. Received event is raised when the activity resumes (if it fired while the activity was paused).
B4A (Android)

B4A (Android)

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