Telerik Test Studio Web & Desktop R1 2019 SP1

Adds support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.
April 10, 2019 - 8:30
New Version


  • New:
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Support
  • Changed:
    • Redesigned scheduler to run sequential tests in static not distributed lists and reserve machines for the whole test list execution
    • Introduced unique test ID change when importing tests from other project using Windows Explorer or Add Existing Test option
    • Configure Scheduling Server approach to restart MongoDB/Storage/Scheduling Services changed to fix Unable To Start Service random cases
    • Removed the automatic enabling of 'ClosesBrowser' property for last action step in specific cases when closing pop-ups
    • Added minimum value of 20000 mSec for RunnerResponseTimeout Test List setting
    • Extended support for JS errors check


  • Web and Desktop:
    • Browsers: trigger AddEventListener for Span 'onClick' event
    • Customer fix: during Recording a click on a specific toggle button crashes customer's WPF application
    • Customer fix: specific Element's name converted to code causes compilation errors in the Pages.g.cs file
    • Customer fix: OnInput and OnChange events for inputs are not firing properly
    • Dialog Handling: fixing Download dialogs to respect Initialization timeout property
    • Elements: rename element throws exception if no test/element document is opened
    • Find Expression Builder: validate element will not respect changes in the element query if changed
    • Find Expression Builder: data driven find expression switching test properties does not change FEB data columns
    • Find Expression Builder: replace element is not working as expected if you have chained query
    • Find Expression Builder: element Edit window doesn't use entire frame
    • Recording: added support for recording of SetText in input elements of type "tel" in all browsers
    • Recording: highlighting not automatically enabled when you Load Page in Internet Explorer or Load WPF Application
    • Recording: html input type "tel" elements recorded as HtmlContorls instead of HtmlInput
    • Recording: Chrome recorder/highlight will stop working after RunToHere and you record a step which changes the URL
    • Test Studio UI: Test Studio error toggling between custom layout and re-opening same test from the project pane
    • Test Studio UI: Test Studio error selecting project from recent projects while coded file is opened
    • Test Studio UI: element with Compare Mode BaseUrl and empty BaseUrl cannot be edited
    • Test Studio UI: double click to open test which is already opened after selecting recent project crashes Test Studio
    • Test Studio UI: exception is thrown on save test if the test has coded step but code file not associated with the test
    • Test Studio UI: Test Studio threw exception and crashed when closing project with coded file opened and active
    • Test Studio UI: Test Studio crashes selecting recent project after deleting results
    • Scheduling: memory footprint optimizations in RemoteExecutor when huge number of recurring runs executed
    • Scheduling: memory footprint optimizations in Profiler for runs containing multiple counters
    • Scheduling: load runs throw exception on AbortScenarioGroup
    • Scheduling: runs for load tests with profiling data throw serialization exceptions and breaks load result
    • Scheduling: each scheduled run on a remote machine will keep 1-2Mb memory
    • Scheduling: save individual file option does not trigger update of scheduled lists
    • Scheduling: jobs with very small runner response timeout causes multiple false results for single test
    • Scheduling: rerun of failed tests does not work in case of multiple or overlapping list remote execution
    • WPF Dialogs: WPF custom title save dialog cannot be handled
    • WPF Recording: recording on second window after main window close is not working for specific WPF application
    • WPF Recording: app crashes if trying to record against it.
    • Execution: ArtOfTestRunner process does not close in rerun scenarios
    • Execution: second handle download step fails in latest Chrome on scaled monitors
    • Execution: check for JS errors step throws exception when executed in Chrome
  • Test Studio for APIs:
    • Fixed wrongly shown prompt for activating a license in Test Studio for APIs standalone installation
    • Very long header crashes the application
    • Command Line variables cut if the value contains a "=" sign
    • API runner sends "Expect": "100-continue" header with http requests which cannot be disabled
    • ApiTesting Does Not Decrypt Responses With Gzip/Deflate Encoding If The Content-Encoding Header's Value Contains Uppercase Characters
Telerik Test Studio Web & Desktop

Telerik Test Studio Web & Desktop

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