TeeChart Pro ActiveX 2019 (2018.0.4.25)

Adds new IClockGaugeSeries, plus bug fixes.
April 30, 2019
New Version


  • Added new IClockGaugeSeries (scClockGauge) interface, and its properties and methods.
  • IClockSeries (scClock) is deprecated.


  • Fixed - TAxisScrollBarTool messes up axis bounds.
  • Fixed - Exported data to xls doesn't open in Excel 2013.
  • Fixed - Floating point overflow when resizing a chart to the minimum in 64-bits.
  • Fixed - Null points sometimes drawn when FastLine series has DrawAllPoints=false.
  • Fixed - Add the option to clear all IDataSources in a TDBChart.
  • Fixed - SourceCode installation not working - missing path.
  • Fixed - Null points sometimes drawn in FastLine with TreatNulls=tnDontPaint.
  • Fixed - Legend and AnnotationTool disappear when activating a HighLowSeries.
  • Fixed - Renko boxes exceeding prices entered.
  • Fixed - Axis tool, object Inspector Axis property.
  • Fixed - SeriesBandTool calculating wrong crossing points when using HorizLineSeries.
  • Fixed - Export TFastLineSeries Stairs to JavaScript.
  • Fixed - Hide Side or Back Grid in the Depth axis.
New IClockGaugeSeries added to TeeChart Pro ActiveX.

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