ExpressNavigationPack 18.2.7

Improves Bars, Docking, Layout and Editor controls.
May 09, 2019 - 8:39
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ExpressBars Suite

  • A large bar button's down arrow is incorrectly scaled at high DPI settings (more than 96).
  • A minimized secondary Ribbon form's title bar buttons do not work if the form's DisableAero property is set to False and the application is running under Windows 10 version 1809.
  • Cannot scale TcxStyleRepository styles when in data module.
  • Ribbon Form - On using skins, the form's borders are painted incorrectly in the opened Backstage View if the ribbon style is rs2013 or newer.
  • TdxOfficeSearchBox - Releasing the Alt Gr key while the drop-down menu displays search results closes the menu and moves focus from the editor.
  • The Ribbon Tab Area Toolbar disappears on an explicit or implicit RecreateWnd procedure call of the Ribbon control or its parent form.

ExpressDocking Library

  • A selector of a dock panel's client area has the pink background if the "dxVS2005" mode is enabled in the docking manager and an application works under Windows 7 or an older version.

ExpressEditors Library

  • cxCheckListBox - An editor placed on an form does not add the cxCheckBox unit to the 'uses' clause, which can result in compile time errors if certain API members of the editor are used in code.
  • TcxButton - A TBasicAction descendant's OnHint event never occurs if the action object is linked to a button.
  • TcxCustomComboBox and descendants - A dropdown window scrollbar scales incorrectly.
  • TcxCustomTextEdit and descendants - An editor produces a sound on pressing the Ctrl+Enter key combination if the BeepOnEnter property is set to False.
  • TcxNavigator - Setting the navigator to display only the First, PriorPage, or Prior button (or any combination of them) hides the information panel.

ExpressLayout Control

  • An AV occurs on dragging a Tabbed layout group if the layout control uses a custom container whose IsFloatingSupported function returns False.


Add Ribbon, toolbar, layout and skinning functionality to your VCL applications.

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