KendoReact R2 2019

Adds new Editor, DateTimePicker, Notification, Sortable, Drag & Drop components, enhances Grid & TreeView.
May 16, 2019
New Version


  • New Components:
    • Editor - The new KendoReact rich text Editor is a full-featured, highly customizable WYSIWYG editor built to perform. It enables end-users to input free-form text, apply a large spectrum of formatting options, and insert HTML content. Custom rendering support ensures that you can integrate it seamlessly into your web app. The component allows for the creation of custom Editor tools (controls) and plug-ins, which makes it endlessly extendable. Like the rest of the KendoReact library, the Editor complies with accessibility standards and supports globalization. 
    • DateTimePicker - The DateTimePicker component is perfect for scenarios where both date and time need to be selected by the user. Following best practices around user experience, the component works well on desktop and responsive mobile applications alike.
    • Notification - With the new Notification widget developers can easily showcase additional information on top of their existing user interface. The component has pre-built designs relating to success, warning, or error notifications, as well as the ability to completely customize the look-and-feel of the notification.
    • Sortable - Originally only available internally within our components, the KendoReact Sortable component is a handy utility library to help around displaying a generic list of items and re-ordering the elements by dragging and dropping them. Any updates to the list are preserved to the underlying data set. 
    • Drag & Drop - Previously only an internal implementation, this release sees the drag & drop utility library released for any generic drag & drop scenario. Allow any UI element to be draggable and define exactly what can be dragged and where it can, or cannot, be dropped.
  • Grid Enhancements:
    • Column Virtualization - In order to provide the best possible performance, the KendoReact data Grid now provides column virtualization. No matter how many columns or rows you throw at the Grid, your end users will see a smooth scrolling experience. With the latest edition, the Grid now supports virtualization of both rows and columns.
    • Context Menu - Often times end-users want to have some additional interactions with a row or a particular cell when right-clicking on the data item. Enter the context menu. This feature allows for additional interactivity options to appear in a menu whenever a data item is clicked.
  • TreeView Enhancements:
    • Drag & drop - Easily re-arrange the order, or at which depth data items in the TreeView are displayed, with the new built-in drag & drop feature of the KendoReact TreeView. This works for leaf nodes as well as nodes with children.
    • Checkbox selection - Often times developers need to extract the selected items from a TreeView widget. This is now even easier than before with the new checkbox selection functionality which renders a checkbox next to each TreeView node.
New components for KendoReact R2 2019.


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