GrapeCity Documents for Imaging 2 Service Pack 2

Combine two Bitmaps into a single image.
June 13, 2019 - 9:08
New Version


  • Read and Write Multi-frame GIF Files - Load, modify, and save such multi-frame GIF images in GcImaging.
  • Combine two Bitmaps into a Single Image - Combine two bitmaps into a single image, with addition of Porter Duff compositing and blending algorithms.
  • Quantiser Algorithm - GenerateOctreePalette can be used with dithering methods and help reduce the number of unique image colors without overall look.
  • Export/import Color Channels - Export color channels from images, apply modification (brightness or contrast levels), and import the color channel back into the image.
  • ICCProfile Support - Uses the correct color to display on any devices, embed and extract ICC Profile image data.
  • Lightweight Image Class - Loads pixels on demand; more efficient and lightweight.
  • Image Histogram - Automatically adjust the right color intensities needed and distribute the tones on the image histogram, with minimal lines of code.
  • HatchStyle Enumeration - Support 48 Hatch styles that fill image regions.
Combine two Bitmaps into a single image

GrapeCity Documents for Imaging

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