Infragistics Ignite UI for JavaScript 19.1 Service Release

Improves HierarchicalGrid, Spreadsheet and Tree controls.
July 03, 2019 - 8:46
New Version



  • AxisBetweenCategories affects wrong axis.
  • Cannot change line style for series lines.
  • Axis labels are not displayed correctly when using SetSourceData.
  • Some text format of a text box get lost after loading and saving an Excel file.
  • Fixed issues with to/from OA date.


  • Adding value overlay throws typeError cannot read property 'name' of undefined.
  • Setting axisAnnotationFormatLabel throws TypeError j is not a function.


  • Mouse over highlighting of dates does not work after the control is recreated.


  • TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null when a non-numeric Japanese text is selected by mouse click from the drop down of IME's alternative texts.


  • Nested modal dialog causes showing scrollbar on its parent dialog.


  • Input text is invisible if Bootstrap Theme Generator's default theme is applied.


  • When defaultColumnWidth is set to ""*"", there is a non-data column and autoFitLastColumn is true a horizontal scrollbar is rendered.
  • [Internet Explorer 11] Horizontal scrollbar moves to the left unexpectedly.
  • Column on moving dialog does not change its position when the moving column contains underscore (_) as its key.
  • Filter is applied wrongly when duplicated headerText exist on grid.
  • [Internet Explorer 11] On Advanced Filter dialog, operator dropdown does not show selected item when jQuery-3.3.1 is used.
  • When more than one filter is applied the filtering condition in the drop down is not correctly set.
  • Grouped row's colspan is wrong when virtualization is enabled.
  • Exported column width gets too long when it is grouped by on igGrid.
  • Horizontal scroll appears in IE 11 when grid enters edit mode, there are combo editor providers and user scrolls the grid horizontally.
  • [Internet Explorer 11] Vertical scrolling doesn't work correctly when configuring virtualizationMode = "continuous" and using jQuery 3.3.1.


  • [Internet Explorer 11] Undefined error is thrown after child grid is rendered, deleted and window is resized.


  • Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'workbook' of null on deleting columns containing shapes.
  • Error in jQuery  on dragging visible hidden rows containing shapes.
  • Horizontal alignment in textbox is lost.
  • Empty lines are lost in a textbox.
  • Entering DATE function into a cell does not automatically set date format for the cell.
  • TypeError: Cannot set property 'a' of undefined.
  • TypeError: Cannot read property 'd' of null on loading a workbook with a chart and a table.


  • The igTree nodeDropping and nodeDropped events should expose the tree in its arguments.


  • Webpack support for IgniteUI is broken.
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