Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF 19.1 Service Release

Improves CalculationManager, DataChart and RichTextEditor controls.
July 03, 2019 - 8:37
New Version



  • Performance issue when adding a new property descriptor to a dynamic object in that all other formulas on that object are recalculated.
  • For dynamically added properties, changing a formula does not appear to calculate and set property values.


  • Office2013 theme displays color picket elements incorrectly. Changed the Min-width of the ButtonStyle (affecting the ColorPalettesButton). Adjusted margins and width of ColorPalettesButton and changed the horizontal alignment and margin of the AdvancedEditorButton to match the other themes.


  • Enter clear clears selection while dropdown is open - caused from IsEditable="False".


  • Enabling axis annotations in both value overlay and crosshair layer throws error IsAxisAnnotationEnabled' property was already registered by 'CrosshairLayer'.
  • Visual data for value overlay is not being included in export.
  • Adding crosshair layer to chart with value overlay will display axis annotation for value overlay when IsAxisAnnotationEnabled=false.
  • Attempting to use AxisAnnotationFormatLabel on CategoryDateTimeXAxis gives strange value for item in event to format label.
  • Adding crosshair layer to chart with value overlay will overwrite overlay axis annotation when hovering.


  • Modifying the grid in the ExportStarted event while setting FieldSettings.LabelTextWrapping to "Wrap" and then sorting and resizing a column results in incorrect view.
  • Using a CompositeCollection as a StaticResource does not work and data updates to CompositeCollection does not result in new records.
  • XamDataGrid inconsistent behaviour Column formatting.
  • When using a hierarhical data structure with RecordFilterScope = "AllRecords" sometimes the filter operands will show blank when there should be options available.
  • Typo in German filter menu in XamDataGrid.
  • RecordPresenter.Loaded event is potentially registered to the same handler multiple times.
  • ArgumentNullException in DataPresenter.Calculations.
  • NullReferenceException in GroupLevelReference constructor after removing a grouping in the grid.
  • When exporting to Excel, calculations are still done when CalculationFrequency is set to Manual.
  • When calculations are deferred, exporting to Excel does not export all values.
  • Use down arrow ket to select cell below group cell then using up arrow to reselect group puts group / active cell out of view.
  • Initially adding selected range throws Null Reference Exception.
  • When selecting cells with pinned rows both pinned and ghost cells should appear selected but only one item should be added to selectedCells collection.
  • Selecting Pinned Cells then grouping grid loses cell selection.
  • Grid either does not select multiple columns or selects more columns than desired when using drag selection with MinWidth columns.
  • When SelectedDataItem is set programmatically, the SelectedDataItem and SelectedDataItems properties are out of sync in the SelectedItemsChanged event.
  • ListCalculator does not seem to work when parenthesis are included in the formula, but DataPresenterCalculationAdapter works with the same formula.
  • Null Reference Exception occurring in OnRecordPropertyChanged due to missing null check.
  • InvalidOperationException when adding a new formula.
  • Clipboard paste operation truncate the double quotes for the first cell.
  • Property changed notifications are not being respected with dynamically added fields for dynamic properties.
  • Formulas are not evaluating for dynamically added properties when the formula is added initially when the ItemCalculation is added.


  • FieldLayout.InvalidateSortCtiteria.


  • XamDataTree selection is not retained after multiple expansions / collapses of nodes.


  • IsTabStop="False" is ignored if IsAlwaysInEditMode is set to true.


  • Image not serialized even though no manipulation on chart.
  • OutOfMemoryException in Workbook.Load() if the workbook contains an embedded Equation object in a worksheet.
  • No series values are returned for a chart where the name of the worksheet used for the source data has a space in the name.
  • When loading an Excel workbook with a formula that references a region that has a period in its name, a FormulaParseException is thrown.
  • The labels overlap after changing chart type.
  • Chart is lost when there are two charts.
  • Chart is not saved correctly after clearing filter on data region.
  • Bubble chart is not restored correctly - Delete/Undo.
  • Chart type is  serialized as XYScatterLines instead of XYScatterLinesNoMarkers.
  • Axis DisplayUnitLabel is lost on saving.
  • Changing ChartTpe to Treemap is allowed but not deserialized.
  • Incorrect exception message when changing series type.
  • Data label is not visible after roundtripping.
  • Removing series from Pareto corrupts the chart in MS Excel 2016.


  • Null Reference Exception in FormulaEditorBase.CommitFormulaEdit.


  • MinutesPerDay variable of project settings is not being respected correctly in the UI.


  • Grid shifts horizontally after removing and re-adding groupby column.
  • Active cell comes to the left end of viewport when active cell goes out of view from right end of viewport.
  • Some unfixed columns cannot be scrolled into view if group columns are used.
  • When summaries are enabled ICollectionView filter isn't maintained after clearing/resetting datasource.


  • The editor accepts more digits than defined in Mask property when a value is pasted.
  • ValueType appears to be ignored when evaluating the Mask when set - it defaults to Decimal.


  • WordWrap property is not wrapping the text.


  • XamSpreadsheet tooltips are not localizable.
  • Chart is skewed after shifting.
  • NRE on clearing data  - GetScatterSeriesDataItems().
  • Clearing a series's name generates a random name in the legend, in combo charts.
  • Certain chart elements do not have fill/borders.
  • The plot area does not have gradient fill.
  • TickLabelPosition is not reflected correctly in the Spreadsheet.
  • ReversePlotOrder is not applied correctly.
  • LogBase value is not reflected in the Spreadsheet.


  • InvalidOperationException exception while removing the tab using tooltip.


  • NullReferenceException at line 536 FastItemsSource.cs.


  • Overlapping nodes when bringing active record into view and scrolling to the bottom while sorting.
  • Infinite loop with FieldLayout.NestingDepth when columns are auto-sized.


  • Symbol version mismatch with the source code when adding the dlls from NuGet.
  • 'System.ArgumentException' in InfragisticsWPF4.Documents.Core.v19.1.dll  on loading a workbook with charts.
  • ChartArea border fill color is not serialized correctly for RegionMap.
  • GeoMapChart is empty when roundtripped when there are more than one charts.
  • SetSourceData on a worksheet different than the chart deserializes empty RegionMap.
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