ExpressNavigationPack 19.1.3

Improves Bars, Docking, Editors, Layout and NavBar controls or libraries.
July 08, 2019 - 14:24
New Version


ExpressBars Suite

  • A bar popup menu cannot be bound to another bar manager via the BarManager property.
  • Ribbon - Office 2016 style - The Tab Area Toolbar or Tab Area Search Toolbar is incorrectly scaled in an application built with a manifest recreated by the project "Enable High-DPI" option if the system DPI value is 144 and a certain skin is applied.
  • Ribbon - The CapitalizeTabCaptions property does not capitalize multi-byte characters.
  • TdxRibbonGalleryItem - All custom values of properties that specify pixel dimensions scale multiple times if the current DPI is not 96.

ExpressDocking Library

  • Memory leaks on unloading a DLL built with at least one unit from the ExpressDocking library if the DLL is loaded without initialization.

ExpressEditors Library

  • cxLookupComboBox - Incremental filtering works incorrectly if the Properties.DropDownListStyle property is set to lsFixed.
  • ShellListView in Thumbnail mode converts "&" to underscore.
  • TcxCustomDropDownEdit and descendants - Selection highlight can duplicate in an editor's drop-down window when scrolling items with the mouse wheel in Windows 8 or later.
  • TcxCustomGroupBox and descendants - A caption is cropped if one of certain skins is applied.
  • The Excel-inspired filter popup's Filters tab is slowly initialized.

ExpressLayout Control

  • A component dropped onto a form from the Tool Palette can end up within a collapsed layout group.
  • A layout group button's glyph does not scale.


  • Navigation Pane Views - The font size of the NavBar control's caption does not scale if the system DPI is higher than 96.


Add Ribbon, toolbar, layout and skinning functionality to your VCL applications.

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