CodeRush 19.1.6

Update includes bug fixes and performance improvements.
July 10, 2019 - 14:47
New Version


Code Cleanup

  • "Cleanup on Save" removes necessary namespace references when ORMDataModel generates template classes.
  • The "Add Copyright header" cleanup applied on save changes the existing copyright header.
  •  The "Apply Code Cleanup when saving a document" option should ignore designer generated files.

Code Providers

  • The "Declare Provider encountered an error and has been disabled" notification appears after opening a Xamarin application.


  • Arithmetic operations are incorrectly wrapped in the throw statement.
  • The "Wrap if long or multiline" option does not work for a class.


  • IntelliRush does not show information about class members with the latest update of Visual Studio 2019.


  • "Jump to File" does not navigate to the correct recent item.


  • The Code Places feature increases memory use.
  • Rich Comments cause slowdowns on text edit.
  • Slowdowns occur when a format statement is applied after typing ";".


  • The "Decompose Parameter" refactoring throws an error when it is invoked in non-compilable code.
  • The Make Explicit refactoring declares a simple type name instead of the full one in Visual Basic.

Region Painting

  • An additional extension's region text overlaps the CodeRush region.

Spell Checker

  • The Spell Checker calculates spans incorrectly for the verbatim string if tabs are used for indentation.


  • A template cannot be saved to a nested folder in the "Create Template From Selection" dialog.
  • The ForEach command is applied only once.

Unit Testing

  • Code Coverage does not support MSTests in Visual Studio 2019.
  • Parameterized test fixtures set as ignored are not reported correctly.


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