WPTools v9.1

Includes an improved set of icons, better image list handling, plus a new word processing demo.
July 10, 2019 - 15:34
New Version


  • General
    • Updated and revised manual.
    • New sample code.
    • Many code improvements, stability and handling enhancements.
  • Installation
    • The separation in runtime (RT) and design time (DS) packages has been removed to simplify the installation because the dependency to the RT package caused some trouble in the past.
      If you work with a WPTools 8 package, you can compile it with WPTools 9. Just make sure the compiler symbol WP9 is defined.
  • GUI improvements
    • Provides all new glyphs at various resolutions and with the PRO version the SVG vector source.
    • Enhanced WPImageList. It now also supportes vertical and horizontally arranged gylphs.
    • Using the property editor (doubleclick) multiple files can be loaded into the Images collection.
    • Added support for overlay rectangles for colors.
    • Improved InsertSymbol dialog.
    • The WPTools property editor now also supports the dark style in the Delphi IDE ($define DARKTHEME in package options).
    • Using the global variable WPDrawRectWithBitmap_bitmap the shading can be customized (BMP or PNG).
    • Improved glyph drawing code for TWPToolButtons.
    • ViewOptionsEx2: wpNoBlueRectsAroundHeaderFooterWhileEditing.
    • ViewOptionsEx2: wpNoBlueRectsAroundTextboxWhileEditing.
    • ViewOptionsEx2: wpPaintSymbolTextObjectsUsingD2D (for Emoji).
    • EditOptionsEx2: wpDontEnterHeaderOnClick.
    • EditOptionsEx2: wpDontEnterFooterOnClick.
    • Improved auto hyperlink creation.
    • Includes GLYPH files.
  • API
    • TParagraph.SetText now returns the paragraph itself for nested assignments.
    • TParagraph.Append (3 overloads) now return the paragraph itself for nested assignments.
    • TParagraph.SetProperty(WPAT_Code: Byte; Value: Integer) : TParagraph;.
    • function InputTextbox.
    • GotoBody – to leave editing a layer, such as text box.
    • New colspan parameter in TParagraph.AppendNewCell
      function TParagraph.AppendNewCell(DontCopyStyle: Boolean = FALSE;colspan:Integer = 1): TParagraph;.
    • TWPRTFDataBlock.LoadFromString.
    • TWPRTFDataBlock.LoadFromStream now also has FormatString paramater.
    • Function GetSelStartEnd.
    • Many improvements to make API more intuitive.
  • TableProducer
    • Improved data access code.
    • Easier creation of template in code (for scripted creation).
    • New sample application.
    • Property AutoSelectEditMode in TWPBlockTemplateDB.
    • Support for chars>$FFFF.
    • Support for Emoji painting.
    • Improved HTML reading and writing.
    • Improved RTF reading and writing.
    • Function InputSymbol.
  • Formatting
    • Usually vertical alignment only works in cells which are not separated by a page break.
      Now vertical bottom alignment in table rows which span 2 pages is supported if the larger cell(s) are positioned left to the aligned cell and if the aligned cell only contains one paragraph.
    • FormatOptionsEx2: wpfAutomaticHeaderOnEachPage;.
    • FormatOptionsEx2: wpfNeverLookForInheritedHeaderFooterInSections.
    • TWPPagePropertyRange: wpraOnGivenPageNr.
    • Improvement in selection inherited section header/footer.
  • Property Grids
    • AppendPropertyGrid.
    • AppendPropertyRow.
    • Checkbox inplace editors.
  • Compatibility enhancements
    • Copy HTML format to clipboard – this makes it possible to paste formatted text inside Chrome
      (Requires activation in property ClipboardOptions: wpcoAlsoCopyHTML).
    • RTF reader converts many Emoji codes to Symbols.
    • The HTML reader now reads ‘target’ property of links.
    • Improved compatibility when saving RTF with nested tables.
    • Improved RTF reading when loading section properties.

Version 9.1 update is free for customers who ordered WPTools 8 in 2019.

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