Syncfusion Essential Studio WPF 2019 Volume 2

Adds Excel-like UI filtering and merged cell support in TreeGrid control.
July 12, 2019 - 14:19
New Version



  • ItemsSource selector support for multicolumn drop-down list column type - Select a different ItemSource for each row in DataGrid.


  • Flowchart layout - The flowchart layout arranges nodes in a sequence representing a workflow or process using different symbols that contain information about the steps or sequence of events.
  • Usability enhancements - The following usability features have been added in Diagram:
    • Delete successor nodes when their dependent nodes are deleted.
    • Connector can connect to the nearest port on a Node instead of its boundaries.
    • Automatic port creation when connection starts from Node/Connector.
    • Update the layout based on child position instead of its collection index in DirectedTreeLayout.
    • Command binding support for all default commands of SfDiagram.
    • Invalidate multiple layout refresh to single layout refresh.
    • Restrict the logging of undo and redo entries.

Word Library

  • Mail merge enhancements - Word library now provides the following features in mail merge:
    • Event to customize clearing unmerged fields during mail merge.
    • Event to customize removing unmerged groups during mail merge.
    • Option to access the new instance (WPicture or WTextRange) replaced during mail merge.
  • Group shape in DOCX and DOCX-to-PDF conversion - Word library now allows creating group shapes in Word documents (DOCX) and preserving them in DOCX-to-PDF conversion.
  • RTL text rendering in Word-to-PDF conversion - Right-to-left (RTL) text rendering in Word-to-PDF conversion has been improved.

Docking Manager

  • Resize restriction - NativeFloatWindow can now be restricted to minimum and maximum sizes.
  • Close tabs using mouse middle button - You can now close tabs of the docking manager by clicking the tab using mouse middle button. Note: You can also close tabs in TabControl and DocumentContainer using the mouse middle button.
  • ToolTip - ToolTip support has been provided for document tab.

PDF Library

  • Add comments and reviews to the PDF annotation - Set or change PDF annotation review statuses and make comments.
  • PDF 2.0 version support - Create a 2.0 version of PDF.

PDF Viewer

  • Panning support - The Pan tool allows the user to drag and scroll PDF files in any direction.
  • Touch interaction - This feature allows the user to perform all operations in the PDF Viewer control using touch gestures.
  • Custom stamp annotation - Custom stamp annotation allows you to include custom stamps anywhere in PDF document pages by importing the stamps as images. You can also add, move, resize, and delete existing custom stamp annotations.

PowerPoint Library

  • Write protection - PowerPoint library now allows enabling write protection for PowerPoint presentations.

Radial Slider

  • SweepDirection support for Radial Slider - You can now set ranges in both Clockwise and Counterclockwise directions.
  • Full range (360 degree) Slider - Slider will now cover a full range of 360 degrees.


  • Customize individual axis element appearance - This feature allows users to customize the appearance of individual axis elements.


  • Character and paragraph styles - The RichTextBox control now allows creating and modifying the character and paragraph styles of a document.

Syntax Editor

  • Drag and drop files - Now, you can load a file, by dropping the file over Syntax Editor.
  • Enhancements
    • Accessibility support has been provided.
    • When closing a document, an event will be raised to save, ignore, or cancel the changes made.
  • Method parameter information in Intellisense - Intellisense will now show method’s parameter details using ContextPrompt feature.


  • Column filtering support (programmatic and Excel-like UI filtering) - This feature allows users to filter nodes using an advanced, Excel-like filtering UI or programmatically. Users can filter columns using the following options:
    • CheckBox filtering
    • Advanced filtering (numeric, text and date-time)
  • Merging cells in a row - This feature allows users to merge the cells in a row by column.

Excel Library

  • Excel table with parameter query - Excel tables are now created with a parameter query for external connections such as Microsoft SQL Server. These parameters are customized by accepting values from a prompt window, by using a value from a cell, or by using a constant.
  • Excel chart enhancements - Certain Excel charts support drop lines to help viewers determine a data point’s value on the horizontal axis.
  • Trace precedents and dependents enhancements - Cells with formulas referring to other cells can be retrieved by the GetDirectPrecedents() and GetDirectDependents() methods.
Excel-like UI filtering and merged cell support in TreeGrid

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