Infragistics Ignite UI for Angular updated

Adds new Grid and Data Visualization features.
July 23, 2019 - 13:20
New Version



  • Clipboard copy operations - Provides a fast, easy and customizable way to copy Grid data into Excel or other external programs.
  • Group By behavioral change - Paging now includes group rows in the page size. When paging is applied the data is split based on flat records and group records view. If a group spans multiple pages, its group header is rendered only on the first one. Page count and page size include both item types.
  • IgxGridFooter - Used to insert a custom footer in grids.
  • IgxPaginator - Can now be used as a standalone component and has a new look and feel.
  • IgxColumnGroup - You can now re-template the column group header using the headerTemplate @Input property or the igxHeader directive. Each column group can be templated separately.
  • IgxBottomNav - Now supports an igx-tab declaration mode. Despite the fact that the primary usage of the component is to define panels with content, there may be cases in which you may need to define tab items only. You can use the new mode to apply directives on the tab item, e.g. to achieve routing navigation. You are also able to customize tab items with labels, icons, and even templates.
  • IgxTabs - Now supports an igx-tab-item declaration mode as well. When defining tab items you have the ability to apply directives on them. For example, you may use this functionality to achieve navigation between views using the Angular Router.
  • IgxCombo - Input [overlaySettings] allows an object of type OverlaySettings to be passed. These custom overlay settings control how the drop-down list displays.
  • IgxForOf - Now offers usage of local variables: even, odd, first and last to help with the distinction of the currently iterated element.
  • IgxSlider - Several visual enhancements and implemented custom labels.
  • IgxSpreadsheet - With the new chart adapter added you can now display charts in your spreadsheet component.   

Data Visualization

  • IgxSparkline - The Ignite UI for Angular Sparkline component is a lightweight charting control. It is intended for rendering within a small scale layout such as within a grid cell, but can also be rendered alone.
  • IgxZoomSlider - The ZoomSlider control provides zooming functionality to range-enabled controls. The ZoomSlider features a horizontal scroll bar, a thumbnail of the whole range, and a resizable zoom-range window. The ZoomSlder cannot work as a standalone control and it acts as an enhancement for range-based controls like the igxDataChart.
  • IgxMap - New Heat map imagery added to the map. You can now show heat-map imagery using the ShapeFileRecords that are generated by a ShapeDataSource by loading geo-spatial data and loading shape files to a tile series.
Clipboard copy operations

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