ReSharper Ultimate 2019.2

Adds improved support for C# 8.0, plus many code completion, navigation, and code analysis enhancements.
August 09, 2019 - 15:06
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Enhanced C# support

Take full advantage of C# 8 with ReSharper’s enhanced support:

  • Supports the latest changes in indices and ranges such as indexable and rangeable types.
  • The context action Add range check now supports indexing by System.Index/System.Range and produces correct checks.
  • Supports unmanaged generic structs.
  • Two new inspections, ‘Convert switch statement to switch expression' and 'Convert chain of ternary expressions to switch expression', with a corresponding ‘Convert to switch expression' quick-fix.
  • The context action Convert concatenation to interpolation can now be applied in scope.

Faster startup times

  • Borrowing from Rider, ReSharper started using the MSBuild-based project model instead of the Visual Studio COM API. This will help optimize solution loading times as we’ve minimized the use of COM API, which locks the UI thread.
  • In addition, the Performance Guide page has been updated. It has a new Windows Defender section and descriptions for all performance tips, which describe what exactly will be done after a suggestion is applied.

Navigations and Find Usages

  • Find Usages starts using the data from Solution Wide Error Analysis to gather the results. If you enable SWEA for your solution, Find Usage will show you results significantly faster.
  • Other improvements to Navigation include:
    • You can search in a file right through the "Go to File Member" dialog. The list of results will have the names of all matching members and all the places where the search string appears in the file.
    • In the Go To Text results window, you can now filter out the comment lines if you are not interested in looking for occurrences in comment strings.

Debugger Data Tips

  • Adds new toggles: implicit function evaluation and auto evaluate property.
  • They respect the setting "Enable property evaluation and other implicit function calls" and can evaluate property values on demand.

Code style & code formatter

  • To improve C# 8.0 support, new formatting options for switch expressions have been added.
  • Support for .editorconfig, StyleCop.Settings, and .clang-format now performs better and is switched on by default for highlighting and Solution Wide Error Analysis.
  • You can also edit EditorConfig properties right inside the Options page.

Other features

  • Parameter name hints have performance improvements and new heuristics.
  • A new tooltip with the keyword description is available in the IL Viewer.
  • The Advanced symbols options dialog under ReSharper | Options | Tools | External Sources now supports relative paths.
  • The Assembly Explorer tool window now has a 'Summary' property on the "Properties" tab and an unmanaged (win32) resources subtree.

Support for "Per-Monitor DPI Awareness" mode (Ultimate)

  • Offers better support for the "Per-Monitor DPI Awareness" mode introduced in Visual Studio 2019.
    Some ReSharper users previously opted to disable Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities because of the rendering issue with the ReSharper tool windows. Please enable it again and check out how it looks. Note there might still be places where you can experience some glitches.

Unreal Engine support (Ultimate)

  • In the previous release, JetBrains began to work towards better support for UE4-specific Remote Procedure Calls. Now, they've updated the 'Rename' and 'Change Signature' refactorings to work correctly on RPC functions. A few new code analysis checks are also available for UE4-based code, especially targeting the missing or incorrectly set UE4 reflection macros.
  • Following on from adding code completion for reflection specifiers in v2019.1, JetBrains have now added built-in documentation for them. It is shown in the Quick Documentation popup (CtrlQ) when the caret is located on a specifier.

Faster indexing for C++ projects (Ultimate)

  • The new preprocessor implementation used inside ReSharper C++ has sped up the indexing on typical solutions, like LLVM and Unreal Engine, by 15-25%.
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