ScriptCase 9.4.001

Includes new Midnight Theme and updates to Calendar application.
August 12, 2019 - 11:01
New Version


  • New Theme - Midnight theme is now available.
  • Calendar Application - The new layouts available in v9.4 are now applicable for the calendar application (new themes, new buttons, new fonts, and more).
  • CRUD Toast - Toast alerts also feature Sweetalert components after adding, updating, and deleting Form records.
  • Graphic Themes - New themes can now also be used in graphics.
  • Awesome Font - The Awesome Font is now available for all manually created buttons within applications as well as the tools default buttons.
  • Initial Value - New Initial Value option allows you to choose a default starting value for your grid’s filters.
Midnight theme added to ScriptCase.


PHP Web development tool.

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