Aspose.Tasks for Java V19.7

Adds the ability to include header information in PDF output files.
August 14, 2019 - 14:01
New Version


  • Implemented resource prefix for nested resources.
  • Added validation to SaveFileFormat.SVG save option.
  • Include header information in PDF output files.


  • NullReferenceException when trying to save a project without GanttChart view.
  • Invalid row background and foreground color after re-saving of MPP.
  • Wrong assignment dates calculated
  • Argument Exception "Item with Same Key has already been added" when saving MPP file.
  • IsMilestone field calculation for CalculationMode.None.
  • Invalid background color of rows in Gantt Chart view for project saved in MSP 2007.
  • File cannot be saved in MS Project after re-saving.
  • Spaces between days on Timeline.
  • Task progress after PercentComplete being updated.
Aspose.Tasks for Java

Aspose.Tasks for Java

Create and manage Microsoft Project files.

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