Dynamic Web TWAIN 15.1

Adds support for Apple macOS 64-bit.
August 14, 2019
New Version


HTML5 on macOS

  • Added support for Apple macOS 64-bit.

HTML5 on Windows

  • Improved the methods ConvertToBlob, ConvertToBase64 and image loading methods so that they can handle much bigger files.

HTML5 on Linux

  • Improved the image encode/decode functionalities on Linux so that it can encode/decode files just like Windows.

HTML5 on macOS and Linux

  • Added the OnPostTransferAsync event. The event serves as the asynchronous counterpart to the existing synchronous event OnPostTransfer. Information about the transferred image is returned in the event listener.
  • Added the startScan method. The method accepts a JSON object that specifies all the scan parameters. This makes it simpler and even faster to initiate a scan job. At the same time, you can specify how you want the scanned data to be processed by adding extra output parameters in the same JSON object.
  • Added PDF related capabilities so that all 3 platforms share the same features.
  • Improved the PDF decode engine so that it can load more PDF files without invoking the PDF rasterizer.
Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamic Web TWAIN

Browser-based document scanning SDK.

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