KendoReact R3 2019

Adds 6 new components, plus new footer row feature for Grid.
September 19, 2019 - 16:00
New Version


  • New Components:
    • Scheduler.
    • TreeList.
    • ColorPicker.
    • ColorGradient.
    • ColorPalette.
    • Pager.
  • Grid improvements, adds a footer row feature, allowing for aggregates to be listed on a column-by-column basis in a common footer row.


  • Inputs:
    • colorpicker incorrectly memoize event handlers.
    • colorPicker is not closing on arrow up.
  • Scheduler:
    • scheduler events are shown before positioning.
    • dblclick sometimes start drag.
    • montly recurrence repeaton not showing.
New ColorPicker included in KendoReact.


Native UI and DataViz components for React Developers.

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