RayManageSofti 11.4

Adds support for domains without Active Directory.
October 04, 2019 - 15:51
New Version


  • Support for domains without Active Directory - The Deployment Manager, Security Manager and OS Deployment have been updated to support software assignment to computers, patch automation and filtering in NON-AD scenarios. Therefore, an integration into the AD of the customer or the maintenance of a BlackBox-AD is no longer necessary.
  • Redesign of the OS Deployment Module - To make the initial installation of the operating system faster and more efficient, the OS deployment component has been completely redesigned. The user interface, on the other hand, remains largely unchanged and ensures a smooth transition to the new version. In addition, the current OS versions are supported on the product side.
  • Full support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 - Windows Server 2019 is now supported. This also includes the initial installation of the operating system.
  • Modernized user interface - Many key dialogs have been visually redesigned to offer a more modern, consistent, Windows 10-inspired design. Important points and required actions are highlighted and at the same time the complex background processes can be easily and intuitively controlled. The non-Windows dialogs received minor updates and clean-up too.
  • Package creation with new Package Store integration - With the new fully integrated Package Store snap-in, packages can now be created and customized from scratch. The new snap-in supports all Package Store functions, such as downloading sources and importing them into the RMSi software library.
  • Support of TLS1.2 and later versions - RayManageSofti now fully supports TLS 1.2 and higher versions for the latest security standards.
  • New options for the In-Place upgrade mechanism - New options have been added to the In-Place Upgrade Mechanism which can be used to control the desired installation time, expected length, and a custom description. These values can be used to give the end-user a proper feedback and indication regarding the in-place upgrade.
  • Improved Edit as.. option in the Policy snap-in - The Edit as... option in the Policy snap-in has been improved in order to now also work for both AD and non-AD policies. The error messages have also been improved in order to better understand potential issues.
  • Inclusion of Apps Installed in User-context in Software Inventory Reports - The Software Inventory reports have been changed to include apps installed in the user-context as well.
  • Automatic Distributions of Policies within Security Patch Manager - It is now possible to automatically distribute policies within the Security Patch Manager automation.
  • Improved performance of the Administration Console - The performance of the snap-ins that load information about the organization has been improved. Thanks to this improvement there are fewer calls to DB and the initial loading time of snap-in loading is decreased.
Support for domains without Active Directory


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