Altova MapForce Professional Edition 2020

Adds the ability to paste tabular data from external sources into the Value Map table.
October 09, 2019 - 10:50
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  • Value Map configuration via copy/paste - The Value Map component lets you replace one value with another (such as replacing 1, 2, 3 with January, February, March) using a predefined look-up table. Starting with MapForce 2020, it’s possible to paste tabular data (key-value pairs) from external sources such as CSV or Microsoft Excel into the Value Map table.
  • Extended options for Value Map component - The Value Map component allows you to define an “Otherwise” value to map to the target when an input value is not found in the pre-defined look up table. Now, in addition to providing defining a specific value to map in this case, you can select Original Input Value to simply pass the original source value, unchanged, to the target. This is helpful, for instance, when you only need to transform a few of the input values and want to leave all the rest unchanged.
  • Database schema independency - If a user has multiple similar database structures isolated under different database schema names, it is now possible to reuse a mapping designed with one schema for another.
  • Extended support for Oracle packages - For database mapping, MapForce supports stored procedures as input components (procedures that provide results) or as output components (procedures that insert or update data). Or, stored procedures may be inserted as a function-like call allowing users to provide input data, execute the stored procedure, and read/map the output data to other components. In the case of Oracle databases, stored procedures or functions may be standalone or part of Oracle packages. Now, you can add both categories to the mapping.
  • Support for additional database versions - MapForce supports mapping data in any of the most popular databases, and in this release support is added for new versions of:
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2019
    • Microsoft Access 2019
    • Oracle 18 and 19
Value Map configuration via copy/paste

Altova MapForce Professional Edition

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