Telerik UI for WinForms R3 2019 SP1

Improves search functionality in RadGridView.
October 24, 2019 - 13:51
New Version


  • RadGridView
    • SearchRow will search data in child grid of a Hierarchy Grid if paging is enabled.
    • The SparklineColumn will be able to bind to IEnumerable where T is IConvertible.
  • RadTrackbar
    • TrackBarSnapModes.SnapToTicks will consider the SmallTickFrequency.


  • Demo Application
    • The examples fail to start on Windows 10.
  • RadBreadCrumb
    • The IsTextModeEnabled property does not affect the editor.
  • RadChartView
    • NullReferenceException when associating the chart to a RadRangeSelector.
  • RadColorBox
    • CustomColorsConfigLocationNeeded event does not fire on ColorDialog open.
  • RadDateTimePicker
    • Sizing grip is missing after changing the CalendarSize from a larger value to a smaller one.
  • RadDiagram
    • The DataSource is not immediately updated after adding an item from the tool box.
  • RadGanttView
    • Tasks are not displayed if the ganttview is located in a page that is not selected in RadPageView.
  • RadGridView
    • Exception when searching combobox column with Guid data type.
    • The editor value is lost with specific format.
    • The BackColor is not exported when custom theme is used.
    • The new row is added when there is no value added and the checkbox cell is focused.
    • Rows.Add return -1 in self-reference hierarchy.
    • The FreeFormDateTimeProvider is not validated correctly.
    • SearchRow does not search data in child grid of a Heirarchy Grid if paging is enabled.
  • RadMap
    • Pins are not shown when added at run time and clustering is used.
    • Tooltips are not shown for the clusters when you zoom out.
  • RadMenu
    • ControlBox buttons are not visible in MDI Child Form.
  • RadRichTextEditor
    • The control fails to export to .DOCX in a .NET Core project.
    • Added localization string for Paste Options "Ctrl": Documents_PasteOptions_Button.
    • Forcing layout change in a task on the current synchronization context may result in a deadlock freeze.
    • Having multiple instances in a separate thread leads to System.InvalidOperationException: 'Cannot use a DependencyObject that belongs to a different thread than its parent Freezable.'
    • Binding error in SelectionMiniToolbar occurs when it is hovered after selection.
    • Style is imported incorrectly as when there is Heading[1-6] inside the style name. This leads to ArgumentException in some cases.
    • When you copy and paste a document from one RichTextBox to another, styles are not applied to the document.
  • RadScheduler
    • Scheduler is moving start cell on mouse down.
  • RadSpinEditor
    • You need to press Tab twice to move to the next control when in popup editor.
  • RadSpreadsheet
    • AutoSize property doesn't work. Property is removed.
  • RadTabbedForm
    • The forms resizing is slow with the FluentDark theme.
  • RadTreeView
    • Multiple selection limited only to items on screen.
  • RadVirtualGrid
    • Incorrect horizontal scrolling.
    • Issue with the measure logic and the scrollbar when last row is expanded.
    • The key down navigation does not work with specific row spacing.
  • Theming
    • The titlebar buttons are not styled when in MDI mode.
  • SpreadProcessing
    • The formula in list data validation rule's argument is replaced with culture-dependent list separator and later treated as text.
  • WordsProcessing
    • NotImplementedException is thrown when importing DOCX containing charts.
  • PDF Viewer
    • InvalidOperationException is thrown on Copy when PdfViewer is created on a different UI thread.
  • PdfProcessing
    • InvalidCastException is thrown when importing a document with an empty PDF name object.
    • InvalidCastException is thrown when importing widget annotation with Kids property.
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