DevExpress Office File API 19.2

Retrieve, accept or reject revisions made in a document via Track Changes.
October 25, 2019 - 12:31
New Version


.NET Core Enhancements

  • Ability to embed fonts in exported PDF files (Linux)
  • Complex Text Layout support in both the Word Processing Document API and PDF Document API (Windows and Linux). You can now export (to PDF) documents that use RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.)

PDF Document API

  • Custom Properties - With this release, you can access and modify a document's custom property collection. Use PdfDocument.CustomProperties to access the collection. You can add and delete custom properties or change associated names or values as needed.
  • CCITT T.4 and CCITT T.6 TIFF Support - The PDF Document API now allows you to directly embed TIFF images with CCITT T.4 or CCITT T.6 compression within a PDF document.

Spreadsheet Document API

  • Excel Binary Workbook (XLSB) Support - The DevExpress Spreadsheet Document API and WinForms / WPF Spreadsheet controls now support the XLSB (BIFF12) format. You can load and save documents using this format.
  • Excel 5.0/95 Workbook (BIFF5) Support - With this release, the WinForms and WPF Spreadsheet controls and Spreadsheet Document API can import documents using the Excel 5.0/95 Binary file format (BIFF5).
  • Print / Export To PDF Individual Sheets - Added new Workbook.Print and Workbook.ExportToPdf method overloads to print or export to PDF sheets with the specified names.
  • Asynchronous Load and Save - The new API allows you to load, save, and export workbooks to PDF and HTML asynchronously:
    • Workbook.LoadDocumentAsync
    • Workbook.SaveDocumentAsync
    • Workbook.ExportToPdfAsync
    • Workbook.ExportToHtmlAsync
  • Enhanced Column Width Calculation for Printed Workbooks - Now calculate column widths more accurately for printed/exported (to PDF) workbooks. The resulting printout closely mirrors the print output of Microsoft Excel. Note: This enhancement is only available if the new Spreadsheet layout engine is enabled.

Word Processing Document API

  • Hyphenation - The Word Processing Document API now supports soft hyphens and automatic hyphenation. You can load, print and export documents with soft hyphens. Link a dictionary that specifies hyphenation rules to enable automatic hyphenation.
  • Track Changes - The Word Processing Document API can now retrieve, accept or reject revisions made in a document via Track Changes. Documents with revisions can also be printed and exported to PDF.
  • Theme Fonts Support - The Word Processing Document API and WinForms / WPF Rich Text Editors support theme fonts. A document theme contains two sets of fonts (Headings and Body) for the entire document. Each set includes font names for different languages.
Retrieve, accept or reject revisions made in a document via Track Changes.

DevExpress Office File API

Read and write Excel and Word files, create and edit PDF documents, generate barcodes and compressed archives.

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