SQL Prompt Pro 9.5.22

Improves usability of query tab history.
October 25, 2019 - 15:19
New Version


  • Enhanced Tab History *
    • You can now star the tabs you use most often, so they're easier to find and restore when you need them.
    • Tabs are now shown in time buckets, making them easier to search through.
  • Added support for the APPROX_COUNT_DISTINCT aggregate function, introduced in SQL Server 2019.
  • Added support for the index options RESUMABLE and MAX_DURATION in CREATE INDEX statements, introduced in SQL Server 2019.


* SQL Prompt keeps a history of query tabs you open in Management Studio.


  • To avoid confusion, disabling Tab History in the options menu now disables the Tab History toolbar button.
Star tabs in SQL Prompt Tab History.

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