Astah Professional v8.2

Improves conflict list and visual diagram comparison window.
November 27, 2019 - 6:55
New Version


  • Line Jump is finally: When two lines cross over, one line makes an arch to express it is jumping over the another.This makes it a lot easier to grasp relationships and also to create new ones in complex diagram.
  • Compare diagrams visually: We’ve made tons of improvements for the conflict list and visual diagram comparison window to help your team check differences between revisions more effectively.
  • Create your own template: We’ve improved a way to create template files. Include your frequently-used models inside, then save it in a specific folder. You can open this .asta file every time you create a new file!
  • Better Window Alignment: We’ve made it easy to access the align-diagram menu. Also the diagram window now expands to the best size accordingly when you have multiple diagrams open. It helps you create diagrams in a bigger screen and review multi-diagrams in one place a lot better.
  • Insert objects– even more nicely: You can insert an object by dragging it to the line. Now an object will be inserted in more natural way keeping the line style consistent. No more tweak needed to adjust the layout.
  • Working with Tree made easy:The overall behaviour of tree views was improved. Now you can directly drag and drop models from [Alias] view to the diagram (Only on Windows). So you no longer have to switch the tree view between Alias and standard one back and forth
  • Project View (Tree View, Alias, Search) and Map View
    • Now you can drag and drop models from the Alias View to the diagram (only on Windows and Pro)
    • Now Alias view shows fields for Texts and Node in a proper size (only on Pro).
    • Now Map View window always updates its size according to the diagram size.
    • We disabled the ability to drag and drop models from the Inheritance view to the diagram.
  • Compare Project and Merge
    • A new filtering option is added to filter out the models with presentation-changes only.
    • Astah now remembers the filtering option from the previous time, so you don't have to set the filtering option every time you open the compare-diagram window.
    • The conflict list now has a background color for each item by the type of change (Add, Delete, Update..etc.)
    • We re-ordered the conflict list columns and also added icons to indicate the model type for easier recognition by visual.
    • Now Astah exports the complete conflict list to CSV format file.
  • Hyperlink
    • We removed the [Search Invalid Links] menu from [Tools] as it is easily accessible in the [Search] View.
    • Now [Search Invalid Links] looks for broken links to models and diagram elements within the file.
    • (Windows only) Dragging the URL from a web browser to objects on the diagram now adds a hyperlink to the link to the model.
  • CSV Export
    • When exporting CSV, Astah now creates a default name for the exported file.
  • XML Export:Now it is easier to see differences between two revisions using XML. When you use an exported XML to check differences between two revisions, there were too many conflicts because:
    • Astah changed the order to export each model every time.
    • Primitive Types always had new IDs.
    • Some model IDs were updated every time.
  • Resizing and Style
    • When creating a self-massage to an object, it will use the line style set to the diagram instead of the right-angle line by default.
    • Auto-resize mode is enabled by default when creating Notes and Texts.
  • MISC:Tooltips are added to header columns in table-format views - such as Conflict list in the Compare Project window, Search window...etc. to give a guide to help customers use the features without problems.
Better Window Alignment

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