PrizmDoc Viewer v13.10

Introduces PrizmDoc Cells, an advanced spreadsheet viewer.
December 02, 2019 - 18:02
New Version


  • Introduced an advanced spreadsheet viewer option called PrizmDoc Cells to give PrizmDoc Viewer users the ability to review Microsoft Excel files exactly as they would appear in the native application. Analyze formulas, view charts and graphs, view multiple spreadsheets in a single workbook, search for content, and navigate without pagination.
  • Updated the client-side viewer and samples to the latest official version of jQuery (v3.4.1), taking advantage of the most recent updates and bug fixes.
  • Optimized display of SVG content for specific CAD-like PDF documents, increasing browser responsiveness while zooming, panning, and annotating.
PrizmDoc Viewer

PrizmDoc Viewer

HTML5 Document Viewer and Web APIs.

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