ER/Studio Data Architect 18.2

Adds extensive support for Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouse.
December 06, 2019 - 16:33
New Version


Extensive support for Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouse:

  • Access Redshift via platform-specific ODBC interface.
  • Includes all core features, such as forward and reverse engineering, DDL and ALTER script generation, and compare and merge.
  • Publish and view Redshift models in Team Server - ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition

Addition of several MetaWizard model import bridges:

  • OMG UML 1.x XMI 1.x
  • OMG UML 2.x XMI 2.x
  • Borland Together (via UML 2.x XMI)
  • CA Component Modeler 4.x (via UML 1.x XMI)
  • Microsoft Office Visio UML Class Diagram (via UML 1.x XMI)
  • NoMagic MagicDraw (via UML 2.x XMI)
  • Oracle Data Modeler (ODM) 4.x
  • Tigris ArgoUML (via UML 1.x XMI)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Aurora Database (via JDBC) - ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition
  • W3C XML Schema Definition (XSD) 1.0 Reverse Engineering - ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition


  • View creation issues.
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ER/Studio Data Architect Multiplatform

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