CLion 2019.3.1

Improves SQL highlighting and Data import/export.
December 09, 2019 - 17:05
New Version


Data Import & Export

  • Console-like output (plain-text-friendly data exporter).
  • Dynamically name mysqldump output file based on time and database name.

SQL Highlighting

  • Improved "Aggregate-related problems" inspection with CUBE and ROLLUP.
  • Allow disabling "DELETE/UPDATE without WHERE" inspection for temporary tables.
  • Inspection for missing column aliases.
  • Report missing returns in SQL functions.
  • Add "Misleading reference" inspection.


Code: Highlighting and Inspections

  • CLion 2019.3 parser errors
  • Clion 3 issue with std::std
  • Syntax Highlighting Issues in 2019.3
  • No "File not found" warning if there are other errors in nested includes

Code: Parsing

  • clangd crashes on editing list of constrained template types
  • Concepts: Incorrect highlighting of template type in typename declaration inside requires clause


  • When Remote Host is used then cmake reload takes over 6 minutes

Editor. Copyright

  • Copyright is not pasted into newly created SQL file

DB Introspection

  • Database panel loses database information (metadata) and behaves badly

Data Views

  • Scrolling very slow/sluggish in database table view/editor with many columns

SQL Completion

  • Update ClickHouse MergeTree SQL dialect
  • PG10+: False positive inspection for logical replication queries
  • Automatic INSERT list completion ignores code style
  • Higher priority for tables in completion

SQL Highlighting

  • Field named `values` in nested query
  • PostgreSQL: CURRENT_USER should be accepted wherever a username is

SQL Resolve

  • Escaped table names breaking column name recognition in injected SQL
  • DataGrip crashes and CPU consumption is high


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