Dynamic Web TWAIN 15.3

Adds new method that inverts a specific image.
January 7, 2020
New Version



  • Added a new configuration extendedImageInfoQueryLevel for the AcquireImage method that allows you to set up how the library queries extended image info items. In version 15.2, the default level would result in scanning failure or serious performance issues with some scanners.
  • Added a new method GetSourceNames(bool bIncludeDetails) that returns the list of available data sources as a string array. On Windows, when bIncludeDetails is set to true, this method returns more details about the sources including its protocol versions, manufacturer and whether it's the default/current source, etc.
  • Added a new SelectAllImages() method that can select all images in the buffer or all images that have been filtered by tags.
  • Added a new ConvertToBW(number imageIndex) method that converts a specific image to black and white.
  • Added a new Invert(number imageIndex) method that inverts a specific image.
  • Further improved security by deleting the FTPUploadDirectly(), FTPDownloadDirectly() and FileExist() methods and changing the HTTPUploadThroughPostDirectly(), HTTPDownloadDirectly() methods to only work on whitelisted images/files.
  • Changing default SSL certificates is now officially supported.
  • Changed the LogLevel property so that when it's set to 1\0, it's equivalent to setting LogLevel to 14\1 in the file C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Dynamsoft\DynamsoftServicex64\DSConfiguration.ini
  • Local caching made smoother by introducing a new process to do caching when a threshold is reached. As a result, it is significantly faster when loading a great many files.

HTML5 and macOS

  • When using ICA(Image Capture Architecture) sources, info that was written to system log is now written to wtss.log.

Upload Module

  • Now the module can only upload files/images that are whitelisted.



  • Fixed a bug where Dynamsoft Service gets stuck when you try to perform concurrent operations on the same image(s) like uploading and converting them at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where Dynamsoft Service crashes when the callback OnBitmapChanged is called recursively.
Dynamic Web TWAIN

Dynamic Web TWAIN

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