PowerShell Studio 2020

Adds new file menu with recent projects section.
January 14, 2020 - 11:25
New Version


  • Added: New File Menu.
  • Added: Recent Projects section in File Menu.
  • Added: [EXPERIMENTAL] Winform dialog converter to WPF/XAML equivalent.
    • Added: Export as WPF button on ribbon (Designer->Convert).
    • Added: Copy XAML to Clipboard button on ribbon (Designer->Convert).
  • Added: Tooltip added for certificate store in Options (Options->PowerShell).
  • Added: PowerShell Studio manual is now available online. Opening the manual will open online version if internet connection is detected.


  • Updated: Keyboard shortcut for File Menu on ribbon changed from ALT+A to ALT+F.
  • Updated: New SAPIEN Script Packager build (1.0.8)
    • Fixed: No option to show menu after hidden.
    • Fixed: Not adding source script by default in Files and Folders.
  • Updated: License number has changed to Activation Key.
  • Fixed: Stuck loading when connecting to postgres database with no tables created.
  • Fixed: Staging folder still being created when building MSI from ribbon.
  • Fixed: Other minor fixes and changes.
PowerShell Studio

PowerShell Studio

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