WebStorm 2019.3.3

Improves Version Control, File Watchers and TypeScript support.
February 13, 2020 - 16:58
New Version


File Watchers

  • Extremely wide File Watcher dialog (if Unit File Support plugin is enabled).


  • "Insert closing tag on tag completion" can't be unchecked and saved.


  • Flow: statement expected is thrown when a UnionTypeAnnotation is used as type annotation of type parameters.
  • No completion for `function` keyword after `new Classname` without semicolon.
  • IDE Freeze in 2019.3.2.

JavaScript. Frameworks

  • WebStorm can't recognize Quasar components as of version 1.7.4 (1.7.3. works).
  • 'Closing Tag' suggestion box incorrectly suggests tags which have already been properly closed in JSX files.
  • Missing usage of private members in Vue components.
  • No completion of custom directives in component with splited template and script.
  • Vue: Vuetify VLayout justify-center attribute reports "Wrong attribute value".
  • Angular i18n. Support for i18n-* attributes.
  • Slow scroll in new version 2019.3.


  • Support ESLint with Yarn PnP >= 2.0.0-rc23.
  • Support Prettier with Yarn PnP >= 2.0.0-rc23.


  • Can't install packages with yarn 2.0.0-rc22.
  • Environment variables configured in run configuration are undefined when using WSL node interpreter.


  • Properties in class constructor shouldn't resolve to lib.dom.d.ts.
  • TypeScript: mapping between ".ts" and ".d.ts" files works incorrectly for variables.
  • Type guard is incorrectly evaluated for a destructuring variable with default value.
  • Non-null assertions should be affected by type guards (currently are not).
  • False warning "Unused assignment" on Optional Chaining.
  • TypeScript - cannot auto-complete "readonly" in generic type.

Unit Tests

  • Unable to run single Karma test with karma-jasmine >= 3.1.0.

Code Analysis. Inspection

  • Freeze in StreamApiMigrationInspection when StringBuilder-append-loop is followed by append to another StringBuilder

Core. Licensing

  • Trim spaces in credentials fields.

Core. Navigation and Search

  • 2019.3 EAP unable to find file with "Content Root Path".

Lang. XML

  • Validation XML against XSD using attributeGroup in included file.
  • XSD Generator crashes IDEA.
  • Help Resolving XML Catalog URIs.

Lang. YAML

  • prometheus.yml -> Required: null, Actual: null.

Tools. Terminal

  • When opening link from IDE Terminal extra characters (e.g. s, ms, 5ms) are added intermittently to the link.

User Interface. Find, Replace, Usages

  • Incorrect processing of regex: “regular expression matches empty string”.

User Interface. Keyboard Input

  • Cannot use FCITX

User Interface. Navigation

  • Recent Files: restoring scrolling position broken.

Version Control. Git

  • Git installation is not detected on Windows if not in the PATH.
  • Trying to resolve conflicts between unrelated histories fails.

Version Control. Log

  • High cpu usage (with git) at idle.

Version Control. Subversion

  • SVN version control in an infinite refresh loop.


Smart JavaScript IDE.

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