AH XSL Formatter Standard V7.0 R1

Now supports Drop Caps, Knuth-Plass' Line Breaking, Adobe fonts, PDF 2.0, PDF/X-4p, WebP and more.
February 25, 2020 - 15:10
New Version


  • BPIL: The method of line breaking has been improved with Knuth Plass' Breaking Paragraphs Into Lines algorithm.
  • *Drop caps: The ability to add initial capital letters of any font, size, and drop to any specified number of lines.
  • BIDI: Bidirectional text formatting has been improved.
  • The behavior of suppress-if-first-on-page has been improved.
  • *Now able to specify the text-indent of a block at the top of the page or column.
  • *Now able to adjust the space at the end of the last line.
  • The avoid-widow-words extension property has been enhanced.
  • *Now able to specify the number of table rows that must remain at the top or bottom of a page or column.
  • *Prevent line breaks and hyphenating specific unbreakable words, such as brand names (ie. Antenna House).
  • Hyphenation exceptions that allow separate rules for words with upper case letters.
  • Languages that do not place single-letter words at the end of a line can now be specified.
  • Languages that start with a hyphen and do not break lines immediately after the first hyphen can now be specified.
  • *Now able to specify whether to process the ligature of Hangul Jamo.
  • *The value of text-orientation-mode has been extended.
  • *Now able to specify the removal of duplicate marker references.
  • Support links to specific page numbers in HTML.
  • PDF 2.0 and *PDF/X-4p can now be outputted.
  • Role-map property support can now be specified.
  • Createdate and modifydate in PDF properties can now be specified in HTML/CSS documents.
  • *Named Action in PDFs can now be specified for internal links.
  • *bookmark-include property has been enhanced.
  • *Now able to specify whether to lock the document at the time of signing with a digital signature field.
  • Support for Adobe Creative Cloud fonts.
  • Support for WebP.
  • Now able to specify whether to display the alternate text of an image if the image is missing.
  • Now able to reference external CSS information in SVG.
  • *Now able to specify whether the size matches the viewBox setting when the width and height of the root element are omitted in SVG.
  • The default value of display in <math> can now be changed.
  • *In XSL-FO, “merge-f” and “merge-ff” can now be specified with merge-sequential-page-numbers.
  • Command-line enhancements:
    • *Automatically detect a range of typographic problems in the formatted Area Tree.
    • *Output error messages in XML format.
    • *Suppress Error Messages.
  • GUI enhancements:
    • The display method of Log Window can now be specified.
    • Links can now be added to the document displayed in the Log Window.
    • *Suppress Error Messages.
    • Font configuration files can now be edited.
    • Full screen mode option.
    • Increase the size of toolbar icons.

*Not available for Lite Version of AH Formatter.


  • FO – The following issues have been corrected:
    • The line break position was inaccurate due to the incorrect processing of axf:keep-together-within-dimension.
    • Crash due to incorrect column processing (RT#22843, RT#22787).
  • Other:
    • PDF corruption with SF-Mono.ttc font. RT#22813.
    • SVG gradient with more than one color lost the transparency in PDF output. RT#22848.
    • SVG output did not preserve the superscript and subscript font size. RT#22884.
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AH XSL Formatter Standard

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