Altova FlowForce Server 2020 Release 2

Adds the ability to retry the execution of one or more steps when an error is thrown.
March 17, 2020 - 15:05
New Version


  • Option to retry blocks on error - A new Retry on Error option makes it possible to retry the execution of one or more steps multiple times when an error is thrown. For instance, if a process requires a connection to a web service or API that may have an intermittent connection issue, trying multiple times can often solve the problem without needing to abort the process altogether on the first error.
  • Postponed steps - A job can set aside steps to be executed at a later point in time, after returning the result, which is especially applicable for jobs invoked through Web service calls.
  • File trigger option for new files - FlowForce Server supports file system triggers that monitor a file or directory for changes to execute a job when the defined criteria are met. It is now possible to configure file system triggers to fire when new files or directories are added to a specified directory.
  • Ability to convert incoming AS2 messages and MDNs to canonical form (Advanced Edition only) - FlowForce Server Advanced Edition supports sending and receiving secure AS2 messages to/from partners. To improve interoperability of signature checks between different platforms, in v2020r2 the FlowForce Server AS2 partner configuration page provides a new option to reformat an incoming AS2 message or MDN return receipt to its canonical form.
  • Support for OS X 10.15 - Support for running FlowForce Server on Mac OS has been updated to include OS X 10.15.
Altova FlowForce Server

Altova FlowForce Server

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