Actipro SyntaxEditor for WPF 2019.1 build 0685

Improves search overlay pane logic.
March 26, 2020 - 17:30
New Version


  • Improved search overlay pane logic related to the selection scope range.
  • Updated the search overlay pane when opened to not auto-search for tabs that may surround a zero-length selection.
  • Updated the search views to allow Ctrl+Enter to execute a Find All search operation when the Find textbox has focus and IsFindAllButtonVisible is true.
  • Updated mouse wheel scrolling to still work when the related scrollbar is hidden. It is recommended to set SyntaxEditor.CanScrollPastDocumentEnd to false when hiding the vertical scrollbar.
  • Updated the SyntaxEditor.PasteDragDrop event to fire for drops within the same control, so that the accepted operation can be forced to Copy if desired.


  • Fixed a bug where collapsible region highlights didn't render in the correct vertical location in a certain scenario.
  • Fixed a bug in the language service sorting logic.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in the previous build where opening an IntelliPrompt quick info session could throw an exception in a certain scenario.
  • .NET Languages Add-on
    • Fixed a bug where certain generic method constraints could prevent the method from showing in IntelliPrompt.
    • Fixed a bug where a syntax error could occur when using a C# null-coalescing operator in a certain scenario.
Actipro SyntaxEditor for WPF

Actipro SyntaxEditor for WPF

A WPF syntax-highlighting code editor control and parsing suite.

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