ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin 2020 v1

FlexGrid adds Filter Row feature, plus FlexViewer allows printing and exporting directly from the hamburger menu.
April 07, 2020 - 16:52
New Version


  • FlexGrid for Xamarin.Forms, iOS & Android now support the classic filter row feature. A filter row is a static row at the top of the grid that lets the user filter by any one column.
  • The FlexViewer gets a mobile upgrade with several enhancements for the hamburger menu. Users can now print and export the document directly from the hamburger menu. Plus, with support for light and dark themes, the menu is styled nicely by default when you take advantage of the new dark themes for iOS and Android.
  • New C1ControlPanel for Mac means that you can now install the ComponentOne Studio for Xamarin components on a Mac.
FlexGrid Filter Row.

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